Beautiful Belem

July 15, 2008


Belem is next to the sea and jam packed with many of the most important sites in Lisbon, so we made a beeline there on our first touring day. It was not too far from the municipal campsite where we were staying and we found out that it was almost the same price to take a taxi as it was to take the bus, so we rode in comfort. We actually usually enjoy buses, but taxi's are always a treat and the price was so low we could not resist and there was a taxi waiting.

We couldn't miss the cities finest example of Manueline architecture, the extravagant Mosteiro dos Jeronimos and the welcoming formal gardens across the street. We also really enjoyed the gigantic  Monument to the Discoveries, Torres de Belem,  and Maritime Museum ( Museu da Marinha). It was a gorgeous day which just added to the pleasures!











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Melissa Read

We hit most of the same sites and loved it, what a wonderful way to explore history!


What is your new camera? the pics look great.

Did you make it to the UK?


@Melissa I bet it does bring back memories to you guys! Yes, it really is a spectacular way to learn and understand history through travel...more than we even imagined.

We were going to head off to Africa this year, but think we need one more year here in is so very rich in history and Mozart eats it up. Us too! ;) Historical fiction also helps & we like to watch relevant movies when we can. Total immersion. ;)

@Amelie- I am just about to upload a blog post about the cameras that we are using and the pros and cons. I do not know what it is off hand, but I think they are all Canons. DaVinci has been in charge of camera decisions.

Interesting that you can tell the difference. I have to make them small for the blog uploads, but most are very hi res. We are swamped in pictures and they are more work than we ever imagined, but Mozart will never forget this trip. LOl!

We are going faster than usual this year and it has been hard to keep pace on the blog.... as usual. We are in Dublin now...just arrived. We have been unplugged for days.

Rural Ireland has not been good for internet time, but we had fun & are off to UK soon, then Scandinavia. It is very, very odd to be in a place where everyone speaks English after 2 years away from that.


That would be strange to be immersed back in English again! I hope you get to see a lot of Scotland (my husband's home country)!


@amelie-It caught me by surprise that it was so odd being in an English dominant country. One adapts to having to think how one will say something in an ever changing language they do not know well...even little things like asking where a bathroom is can be complicated. One also gets use to the privacy of most not understanding at times. I am sure you can probably relate.

My name and some of my ancestors come from Scotland ( Isle of Skye) so we are very fond of it and have spent quite a bit of time there before.

Sadly this time we will do short shrift to Scotland and Wales. It is quite a dreary and cold summer in this part of the world, so I am not too disappointed. Even on our trip, choices always have to be made and one rarely feels quite satiated.

There is always next time. ;)

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