Luscious Lisbon

July 10, 2008


Lisbon was a surprise and prettier than expected, as somehow I had not realized that it is one of those cities where water plays such a big part like San Francisco or Barcelona. I did not get to study ahead too much for this years travels.  For some unknown reason, I did not expect it to be pretty, but as we came over the bridge and I first spotted it, I could see this was going to be another part of  Portugal  that we were going to enjoy.

I actually had planned on spending a week or so in this area, but because we spent almost a week at the nearby  beach working, we were denied a luxurious long stay. We are feeling more rushed this year and thinking we may have to add more time to Europe before heading to Africa. We could have easily stayed here a month.

There is a fabulous, huge municipal camping area right in Lisbon, so we headed there after our work at the nearby beach was done. Municipal makes it sound lesser than, but it was really quite luxurious. The pool was huge and Mozart, of course, got to indulge in that and the playground before and after our touring times. It was not very busy when we were there and is in a wooded area, so very peaceful and convenient.

This is also football season ( what we Americans call soccer) in Europe, so there were flags everywhere in Portugal to support the team. I think Portugal was doing good at that point because there were lots of kids wearing the colors, horns beeping after games and shouting sometimes from whole bars when they made a goal.  It added a festive mood to our stay.

Lisbon is already on our list to return to, especially the nearby Sintra area. It is an exciting destination with lots to do  and see nearby and a city area well suited for family travel












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I have been enjoying your Portugal posts! I have always wanted to go to both Spain and if I can just stop buying tickets to Italy!


@girasoli-Glad to hear it, ah but I understand your love of Italy too!

Funny, but I think expectations play into things too, at least for me. I was a little disappointed in Spain at first, because so many rave about it, but soon grew to love it. I wasn't expecting much from Portugal, so it caught me by surprise.

I find if my expectations are very high, I can be disappointed at first ( true for Florence,Barcelona, etc that I soon loved).

Weather can impact a lot too. I was hating Ireland at first as it was so dreary, but the sun came out and it seemed so different as the magic could be seen. Still the winter in southern Spain is warmer and sunnier than mid July in Ireland!! lol


That's why I have never put England and Ireland on my wish list (even though my father's side of the family comes from Ireland/England/Scotland).


Understandable, Grisoli! It is not too bad, but just feels like winter instead of summer. We have not had much rain, thankfully. I know now why the Northern Europeans seem so sun-starved when in Spain....they really are sun-starved. It has been worth visit every time for us, but I sure would not live here!!

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