Work,Youtube & Play At Lisbon Beach

July 01, 2008


Before heading to Lisbon from Evora, we had checked our email at that sweet new cafe and were very puzzled because we had a ton from Youtube and our "Where in Heaven is Mozart" video had gone from around 5000 views to almost 25, 000 in a couple of days. We were stunned as we had never seen anything like it in the three months since we had first posted our videos online.

There are so many videos made today that it is hard to even get them seen as they get lost in the deluge of videos. We have seen lots of great videos with ten to a hundred views  or such and sometimes horrible ones with  hundreds of thousands of views, so there seemed no rhyme or reason to the madness. Sexy cleavage or bikini shots seem to be the top viewed even in the travel section.

We did have our violin world montage video featured for its first week on Daily Motion and saw that it got over 13,000 views very quickly, so knew that if it is seen, it is a popular and well liked video. We had no idea why it was going through the roof suddenly on Youtube, but it was having a huge affect on my email as I get a notice every time someone makes a comment. At first, it did not look like it was featured so I was puzzled as to what could be having this kind of effect, but then we found out through a cyber friend that it was indeed being featured on global Youtube.

This suddenly made an impact on our journey that was not expected. On the way to Lisbon, we decided to find a place with wifi from our RV, so we could take some time to handle all the email, catch up with our blog work and take advantage of this Youtube feature and get up some more videos. We had been wanting to get up some more videos before we left Spain and some were almost ready to go. We have a ton more of videos waiting to get up, but it takes time and effort. Having enough time to deal with photos and videos has been a much bigger challenge than we knew before starting this trip.

This would slow us down some and we have some pressure this year because of the weather in northern Europe and our goal to return to Spain by October, but we decided to take the risk. It is impossible to tour, go fast, homeschool, play and keep up with internet duties like the blog and email with any kind of equability, so we have to pick and choose as we go and tend to divide things up. On days we do full tours, we often don't do much else as all the walking wears us out and the same with driving days. In order to do this we would have to give up touring and stay in one place for a while with good wifi from our RV.

Finding a place with wifi from the RV, even in Lisbon, was no easy task. There are lots of campgrounds, just not with wifi. Internet cafes are usually available, but often smoky, expensive and funky foreign keyboards. We thought we had found one, but when we arrived, we found out that it was only for tent campers. Luckily, they pointed us to another one near by.

The bad news about the only place we could find was it was full of static campers and was huge. This is common in Europe, especially in resort areas, were city folks set up  a campsite with a permanent caravan and elaborate accessories that they use as summer or get-away cottages. We arrived on a weekday so no one was there at first and it was down right spooky and felt like we were living in the twilight zone. We were on the edge, but the place was gigantic and packed tight, so it would be easy to get lost in the maze of empty parked caravans.

The wifi was also not the best, so that slowed things down considerably as did the fact that we had more video than our computer memories could take, which we must find a way to solve. So if you wonder why things take a while to get up, the answer is that it is not that easy often and everything is time consuming. We were very pleased that we managed to get ten more videos up on Youtube and will eventually get them up on our site as well. If you would like to see them check out our Youtube channel and please subscribe and leave a comment!

Some are just quick moments like a recent balloon toss at one of Mozart's many sleep overs in Spain, or her reading in Spanish before bed. Some are longer like one that showed her doing her live webcam piano lesson between two continents or our Sahara montage. Hopefully, they will give you a little more idea of our life on the road and all of its many colors from the exotic to the every day. It also gives you more glimpses into our Mozart's every day life as a normal kid living the traveling life and how it is not so different in many ways and full of lots of variety. Some see the violin video and think that is her whole life, but in truth it is just a small part and those videos take only a few moments on traveling days to special spots.

Things picked up on the week end and the parties and music started. We heard the famous fado songs from the locals! Little did we know that this was the beginning of a long weekend holiday for the Portuguese, their Independence day is June 10th. The people were very friendly and Mozart was very happy as she had some friends to play with and particularly liked two girls named Margarita and Inez. She talked to them in Spanish and they talked to her in Portuguese and they managed just fine. The beach was also very nice and we got to watch them prepare a fishing boat on the shore and them be pulled out to the Atlantic by a tractor.

It turned that we made the right choice. During our week of being featured our "Where in Heaven is Mozart?" travel montage video went from over 5000 views in three months to over 40,000 views in a few days and many new subscribers. Then, less than a week later it was featured on the front page and went viral, from that 40,000 views to over 700,000 in a few days. Again, we were unplugged and touring when that began, so do not know exactly when it started or how long it was up. Most of our videos made a massive jump in views and we suddenly had almost 700 subscribers!

It was all a bit overwhelming and will take me some time to catch up with all the mail, friend requests and such. I am not sure when I will get to it, but I will try. Thank you and welcome to all the new people who found us through Youtube! I have no idea who was the person that selected us to be featured or how that happened, but I thank them too. We are still stunned to see them take off like this and will continue to keep putting up more as we have time.










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I remember that video - so beautiful and so touching - not surprising that it's had so many hits.

I've been glad to catch up on your blog after several weeks. Portugal - a country I've always wanted to visit. So nice to read your entries about this wonderful place.

We've been in Colorado this month just visiting and escaping the Texas heat.
A friend sent me her copy of "One Year Off" by David Elliot Cohen and I've been enjoying it immensely. I particularly love hearing about the foibles and realities of traveling with children.


I think it's wonderful that your videos are getting so much exposure...they are amazing!

The Sahara movie is actually posted on our homeschool blog today, with a link to your SoulTravelers3 blog.

Thank you for posting your adventures. We're homeschoolers too, and I've loved reading about how education is NOT confined to any boxes! :)

Have a blessed journey. I can't wait for more updates, and especially movies!!


Chandra- Thanks! Finally getting a chance to respond to you here in Ireland where we are temporarily stranded due to a car rear-ending us in France on our way here. Why they are repairing..I get more internet time as we have already kissed the Blarney stone and played some hurling.

Hope you had fun in Colorado. We have not run into any heat this year & Ireland's summer is colder than Spain's winter. ;)

Cohen's book was great reading before we left on our trip. There are few books on this topic. I am still amazed that they took a nanny. ;)

Lots more coming on Portugal!

HappyCampers-Thanks so much!! It is great to hear from you & I appreciate you posting it on your blog! Homeschooling is so great for the freedom it gives you and the child. Happy belated birthday to Reece! ;)

We will keep getting videos up as we can. We have gotten some great video again this summer!


OK, I just had to add what a SMALL world it really is.

Chandra (in the comments section above my comment) is a friend of mine from highschool, and I was the one who sent her they copy of Cohen's book. I laughed when I read her comment & realized I had commented just below her. Too comical...


Oh my! That really is funny...what a small world it is , isn't it?

I love these against odds kind of stories! When we arrived here in Ireland we ran into a guy that we took a boat trip with last year in Turkey. We were each astounded what are the chances?

He lives and teaches in Istanbul, was on vacation in Germany & just on a lark due to a rare bargain flight decided to see Ireland.

We also kept running into that Japanese film crew in Croatia.

You could not plan these things if you tried! Makes me wonder about the mysteries of life. ;)

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