August 04, 2008


The largest Cathedral in Portugal is in Alcobaca, so we made the journey to see it and had a delightful backpack lunch in the orange-tree filled cloister. This town is very close to Nazare and I liked it so much better as it was more authentic and peaceful. The monastery is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. You can read more about this famous cathedral and monastery here and here.  The true Romeo and Juliet sad story and the amazing kitchen where the monks worked made it quite interesting. There was a preschool on the way and the kids looked so cute in their bright multi-colored smocks.

We stayed at this campsite where one can visit both Nazare and Alcobaca. One can also easily visit Fatima, Portugal from here, which we intended to do, but had to keep moving northward due to time constraints, so had to choose just  two cities.  Mozart really loved playing with all the pine cones at this campsite, although her father was not fond of the sap. She had quite a collection going which is great fun for a seven year old. She also had fun at the Monastery climbing the orange trees a little  and collecting a few oranges to eat. We loved the kitchen and Mozart had fun trying things out and pretending she was a monk writing important  papers and cooking for the others. The sink, oven and benches they used were huge.There was no one around, so it was a sweet family travel moment. A little history and fun family time into the mix.












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Melissa Read

Loved the post & pictures (especially Mozart w you), as well as your excellent links. We didn't make it this far north, will have to include it in a future trip. I also love that you put so much research & effort into the posts, I know only too well how much time and sweat that takes, and they are well worth waiting for. Thank you for all the hard work.........looking forward to the book!


Aww, thanks Melissa, that is so nice to hear. It does take time to research, but I am glad that I can do the links so those that want to read more can.

I always feel bad that the blog is slow when we are moving, but even with this new method I can't seem to get them up any faster as it does take time and the lack of decent internet doesn't help.

I am glad to hear they are worth waiting for! More coming soon! ;)

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