August 03, 2008


Nazare is a very touristy beach town, so my least favorite site in Portugal and I could have skipped it entirely. Still it had a few redeeming qualities that made it almost worth going. I can not really recommend this town and I wanted to spend as little time as possible there. Some people like it though, so check it out thoroughly if it is on your list to visit. Maybe it will appeal to you. Too crowded and touristy for our taste.

It does have a nice beach if you are into beaches. Mozart enjoyed it and the many tourist shops around it. Sadly, there is not a tourist shop that she can resist and she likes to look at all of them. I still wonder where this child got that shopping gene!  She did have fun trying on a hand made fisherman's knit sweater that is made in Portugal ( which I regret not getting) and learning to play a little accordion ( which I do not regret not getting). Having seen the accordion playing in Lisbon, she had great interest in them and used her skills on the piano to help her play a little.

There is a funicular that goes straight up a huge hill to the top of the new village and it was fun for Mozart and we all enjoyed the great views of the beach from there. The native dress of this town added some interest, especially seeing it in contrast to all the beach hungry tourists. We bought some nuts and dried apricots from one women dressed in the local head garb and costume and saw many more.  At least the pictures  make the town look much more interesting that it was! 












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You got some great shots there :)

Looks beautiful, even though it's crowded. Enjoy!


Thanks flicrlovr! The beach view is worth seeing and taking photos of, for sure. Just an odd, crowded energy there with tons of tacky souvenir stands & little of substance left. Nearby Alcobaco was just the opposite with a much more peaceful atmosphere.


The opening photo is priceless!


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