Power Surge in Galicia!

August 29, 2008


There is more to Galicia than just Santiago! We found Galicia to be one of the most pristine and spectacular areas that we have seen so far. The countryside and dramatic coasts are gems that many people miss, even those who go to Santiago de Compostela. We will be writing more on this topic, but first we pause for our first "Photo Friday".

Our friend Debbie at Delicious Baby has started a "Photo Friday" collection of bloggers and invited us to join in. We are pleased  to have the time to participate with some other cool bloggers. So far I see SheilaS, (who has just revamped her Family Travel site), Heather, Michelle from Wanderlust and Lipstick (that recently interviewed us for her new book), Caitlin and Gogugo there.

This is a photo of Mozart taken on top of an awesome mountain top on a drive between Santiago and the shore.The view was absolutely spell binding and there were wild horse nearby grazing freely. Mozart jumped out of the RV and started doing an enthusiastic dance in the wind, near some wind turbines. I clicked and was pleasantly surprised by the results. It was an unworldly moment, all to ourselves and this caught the energy!

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Debbie Dubrow

Thanks so much for joining in this week. I love the contrast between the energy of your daughter & the windmills and the calm landscape. It really feels like you captured the spirit of the moment.

Anyone with a blog can join in on Photo Friday, and I look forward to the great collection of travel photos each week!


What a terrific photo.


It looks like you really did capture the feeling of the moment. Love the result.

Anne Mirtschin

However, do you find time to keep such a great looking blog going? However, I am glad that you do as it is a fascinating insight into this great journey of yours. How fortunate you are!

Christine Gilbert

Wow, I love this pic! What an amazing view!

Thanks Debbie,DesertMama,Dominique,Anne & Christine! So glad that you liked it!!

re: Anne- On finding time- That truly is the big challenge for me to keep the balance. I love to blog and photograph, but am always behind due to travel & it is much more work than I expected.

Truthfully, sometimes I get in overwhelm and consider stopping the blog, but it is comments like yours that keep me going.

We are so very fortunate & enjoy giving back and sharing the journey. Always hoping it is useful and entertaining to others.


Lovely photo! That is awesome ;-)

Dave Benidorm

Was having one of those mornings trolling the Internet and bounced on in to your blog. Glad I did this image is simply fantastic. Well captured moment with excellent results. Thanks.

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