Toys are Tools!

August 27, 2008

Meeting the sweet owner and collector in this very special toy museum, called Museu do Brinquedo in Sintra Portugal, was a real treat!

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There were over 43,000 toys there and he has been collecting them since he was a young boy of seven, our Mozart's age. I had read that it is the best museum in Sintra and it certainly was impressive. He actually started the foundation in 1987, but has been in this new building just seven years.

We did a quick, spontaneous interview with him and I loved what he said about toys being tools and helping children make their dreams become reality. It is interesting that his favorite toy was his very first toy that was handed down to him. I loved that picture of him on it when he was a year old and seeing all that he created with his passion for toys.If you are ever in this beautiful not miss it!

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That's a wonderful interview, and very good information. I've not been to the museum in Sintra yet, and it is where I am from. Did you end up visiting the world of the little people museum/sobreiro in Mafra? JOSÉ FRANCO spent most of he's life producing clay statues of people. He has died now, as he was very old. That museum is filled with windmills I think thats what they are called and tiny people made of clay out in the open doing various things. Like actually moving. It's a beautiful place, and it's great for kids. I used to be taken there as a toddler to play on at the childrens activity thing. They also sell good wine and pao com chourico in old ovens. It's very beautiful. If you have not beenyet, you should definetly take a visit. That has been there for a very long time back.

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