Viana do Castelo & Vigo

August 19, 2008


Despite our problematic entry and it being dark, we could still see that Viana do Castelo in northern Portugal was a lovely place. I even got a picture of the picturesque harbor with moon over it as we went by it for about the tenth time. Had we not been so flustered by being lost, we think we could have enjoyed the pretty, open plaza where we ended up with our RV or the area down below, near the water where there was a festival of some kind going on.

We stayed at this campground which is very popular with windsurfers ( many from Germany and the Netherlands)  and on a pristine beach. It was not very crowded when we were there in June. Mozart played in their playground and took a quick dip in their pool and met some little friends from the Netherlands that she played with.

We will have to do a video just on all the amazing playgrounds that she has enjoyed in Europe. We find them in campgrounds, beaches, cities and parks where ever we go. This did look like a nice area, but time was pushing us onward and we were itching to see the famous Santiago de Compostela by this point, as we have been reading about it for so long.

So we said good bye to Portugal for now, jumped on the AP9 and were soon enjoying the beautiful views of Vigo ....our first glance at Galicia, Spain. Instantly, we could see that this green, Celtic Spain was the polar opposite of  our beloved Andalusia and looked very different than anything else we have seen on the Iberia Peninsula. We did not stay long in Vigo because I read there was not much to see there, but it is a beautiful place to pass through and the views  of the sea enthralled us as we headed towards Santiago.








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Karen Swim

These photos are breathtaking and I wanted to transport myself there to experience it. What a wonderful adventure to see the world, so many of say it with a bit of wistfulness but never just do it. Thanks for providing glimpses of the journey for others to enjoy. My goodness, just beautiful!


Thanks Karen, you are too kind. We never really thought that we would ever really do this and sometimes it still feels like we are living more of a dream than reality. We are glad to share that glimpse & hope it inspires others to reach for their dreams!

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