Forget about Palin & for ME!

September 12, 2008


The good news is we have been nominated for a "Love This Site" award at Divine Caroline!

Geez, I hate these things, because I have to ask for your help,  but it seems to be part of blogging! Every travel blogger that I know is there, including Nerd's Eye View, Delicious Baby,& Traveling Mamas etc. and they are all killing me  in votes!

They all have this little widget on their websites and have written posts asking their readers to vote. Some have tons of votes. I think I have eight now. I don't expect to win, but would like some votes so we do not look pitiful and unloved. If you can spare a few moments, I would greatly appreciate a vote!

That means you Mom! Oh, that is right, you are 80 and  even more internet challenged than I am. Well, sis, friends, anyone out there?

Sorry, my attempt at humor is not very funny, but I thought it would make it a little more palatable, plus I am getting a little dingy from sleep deprivation trying to get this up before we get unplugged, for who knows how long. We have had 24 hours to get a lot done on the internet.

Actually, the site at Divine Caroline is pretty cool with lots of great stuff in many categories. So you will probably enjoy looking around and it is not difficult to vote. I am going to attempt to put up the icon which has a clickable vote link, but if it does not work there is another way.

Click and go HERE and vote for ME, ME, ME! Oh that is kind of fun and not too painful. Ask and you shall receive they say. Gee, why is it so hard? I am so glad I am not a politician!

Actually, you will be voting for Soultravelers3 and hopefully the exposure will do us some good.If the "Love This Site" icon gets up on our site, you can also click on that if it is easier.

So, I am off to bed now and hopefully when we return from our foray into the fjords, we will happily find us back on the front page for travel websites at Divine Caroline... and in the double or triple digits! Who knows, we might even win a prize this time.

Oh, you can keep voting until November, so ask your friends to vote too!!

Whew, just asking and getting this up, was my stretch for the day and I hardly left the RV! Go vote and then check out our new posts and two new videos that we just got up! Thanks and a big cyberhug to you!!

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Nancy in VA

I just went and voted. Good luck. PS I enjoy all your posts, especially the food one below. Keep up the good work.


I voted for everyone I know, because hey, what the hell. I've been ousted from my beginner's lead and I suspect to come in with, oh, the third pack or so once the racer settle in to their stride.

It's the blog popularity Olympics. It's fun to be invited if nothing else.

Good luck!


Thanks so much Pam and Nancy and all who took the time to vote for us.

(I voted for you and a bunch too Pam)

Yes, it is nice to be invited and voted for. It goes on through November, so still lots of opportunities for others to join in!! ;)

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