More Galician Beauty!

September 23, 2008


  Imagine our delight as we rounded a high mountain pass over looking a magnificent bay below, where a group of free horses grazing close to the road looked up at us, almost in silhouette in the setting sun! Horses run free in rural parts of Galicia, a custom that started in the middle ages when citizens offered their horses in exchange for immunity from the plague.They are not confined by fences and eat the wild grasses of their natural habitat.


The sun was not at the right angle to catch this startling view as we saw it. but it was just one of many glorious sights around Galicia. It is impossible to capture the beauty of Galicia in a hundred pictures, let along the twelve that I try to limit in my blog posts. I am getting dizzy with the editing process. Thus, I thought it might be easier to do a blog post just on  more beautiful pictures of Galicia. It truly is an area too gorgeous and special to be missed!












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These pictures are just wonderful! I must get myself to Galicia!


These pictures make me feel warm and peaceful. I sense that perhaps you are missing the sun a bit in your current locale?


Oh, this place looks like heaven. I love all of the details you are sharing about your time in Spain and Portugal. And I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting for blog updates from England and Scandinavia. How are Mozart's violin lessons going on the road? I enjoy hearing about her violin playing because of the connection to my boys.


Donna- Thanks! Oh, yes you must...June is a good month or September. ;)

Mara-Thanks! Actually, the sun is great here & we have had mostly sun in Northern Europe. BUT it is true, it has been the coolest summer ever. Indeed, we are ready to head south for hot days again!! ;)

Kerry-Aw, thanks, it's coming!

We don't do lessons on the road. There are some free ones online we thought we would dabble in, but moving too fast this year.

Truthfully, her violin would be better if had stayed home, but she does practice everyday and takes lessons in Spain ( sadly no Suzuki), so making progress, even if it is slower than a non-traveling life. We figure the good of the trip, outweighs the bad.

Hope your boys are enjoying their playing!

Family Smudge

Hi there,

I just saw your comment over on our interview with The Life Less Traveled.

Thanks and WOW! You are doing what we are doing on a HUGE scale!!!! I will enjoy having a good look through your blog and hope you will pop by ours at some point.

Happy Travelling!!

Family Smudge

Jet Set Life

The pictures are truly amazing. I can't believe how tranquil the beaches look. Thanks. This is a nice post. I'll be sure to pass this on to my readers. They'd love this.


Gorgeous photos!


Wonderful photos. Reminded me of the time when we were in Spain in March. There is a lot to discover. Beaches or mountains, all is beautiful!

Lil' Boozie

Wow, those pictures are amazing. I'll be adding Galicia onto my already long list of places to see!


Family Smudge-Thanks. I hope you continue to enjoy your adventure as much as we do! We love the freedom & amazingly have adjusted to the small space so easily.

Thanks Jetset, the beaches really were great!


Lifecruiser-Thanks! Spain is full of diverse treasures! ;)

@Lil Boozer- Yep, Galicia is definitely one to add to the list! ;) Thanks!


What a wonderful thing to do! This family is an inspiration. I recently moved from the Smoky Mountains around Gatlinburg, TN to the Rocky Mountains and I need to visit the beach!

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