Finistere: The End of Earth?

October 02, 2008


Right before we left southern Southern Spain last May, our good friends there told us to make sure that we saw Finistere when we were visiting Galicia. During ancient times, people thought it was the end of the earth and many included it in their pilgrimage. One look at it and it is easy to see why some one might assume that it is the end of the earth.


"It was a blue and shiny waste......On all sides there was grandeur and sublimity....Even in the calmest day there was a rumbling and a hollow roar...which fills the heart with uneasy sensations. " Borrow








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Lil' Boozie

Amazing photos. I wish I'd gotten a chance to see more of Spain than Sevilla.. although what a lovely city that was.


Thanks Lil' Boozie!

Seville is great, isn't it? Spain is so big and diverse that there are still tons of places we need to see there.

Lil' Boozie

I'd had a special place in my heart for Seville since 2001. While I was studying abroad in Paris, one of my very best friends was in Seville, and we had been trying to coordinate a time for me to head South for a visit.. but it just never worked out. I was thrilled when I finally got to see everything she'd been raving about!

Jet Set Life

The pictures are great. Doesn't look like the end of the world to me. Thanks for the information. I'll pass it on to my readers.

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