Lace & Pottery in Galicia

October 01, 2008


His experienced hands, covered in oozing clay, turned the glob of earth into a beautiful cup effortlessly, as our daughter, Mozart,  watched in awe. We all  truly enjoy watching talented crafts people create pieces of art before our eyes and never tire of this miracle. We've watched a potter in Turkey, glassblower in Venice, lacemakers in Brugge, leather makers in Fez, gold worker in Crete and more. Now it was time to learn about some ancient crafts in Galicia!


We arrived at this potters studio before anyone was there. Like curious mice we had the run of the place to see if we could ferret out any of the secrets to this art. DaVinci always enjoys the process of artists. He has taught Mozart and I to appreciate the beauty that is there in the prep stages. A good artist has his tools organized well, which in turn is almost an art in itself or like a shrine to the final piece. Process is so important to art and how an artist manages his space, tells one more about the art. This one was fun to explore uninhibitedly.


When the artist finally arrived, we were the only people there, so it was almost like a private show. Mozart instructed her bear Pippa in how it is done. The studio has been there and in use for four generations, the owner proudly told us.


This town, Buno in Galicia, Spain has been dedicated to pottery since Roman times. It is a great place to get rough hewn items like covered casserole dishes or the traditional Queimada  bowls hung with cups for Queimada. We were tempted, but do not have the kind of travel that would allow that, but loved watching the work.



We also did not want to miss the lace making. We first saw this done in Brugge and we were very impressed with the skill and how intricate the work is. We were intrigued by the story of this town,Camarinas in Galicia which has been dedicated to lacemaking since the 16th century. During a war then, many Galicians fought with Philip II in Flanders, thus brought home Flemish brides who passed on this lacemaking skill.  It is also a very beautiful fishing village.


Mozart picked out a very special handkerchief with her initial on it. The lady who made it signed the gift box for us. It is the kind of souvenir we want to support and keep as an heirloom remembrance of this journey. This lacemaking lady was also babysitting her grandson who was almost two. He loved to kick a soccer ball and Mozart who adores babies, was soon playing with him while we waited for our package.



Both Canmarinas and Buno are beautiful Galician towns, but it will be the special moments with these talented crafts people which we will remember most.Do you like to include watching and exploring local crafts people when you travel? What has been your favorite one?




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Jet Set Life

Pottery is some truly beautiful work. They are amazing works of art. Thanks for the information. I'll be sure to pass this on to my readers.


Thanks Jetset!

Scott Kelly

Mozart is such a Princess

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