More Santillana Del Mar

October 17, 2008


It is soon obvious why this entire town is a national monument, where not a stone can be moved.  It is the perfect size to walk around in and every corner has something delicious for the eyes to see, not to mention lots of tempting food choices. I got a kick out of the fact that they had lots of "designer" beans in fancy packages to sell, since we love them.


Mozart had fun running from one store to another, watching the horses eat and we enjoyed the beauty of the village, along with the verdant nature all around. We met an interesting man who had the most awesome store filled from top to bottom in such an artistic way. It had been there for thirty years and he had lots of tales to tell. My mom had a little store like that back in Capitola for years, so reminded me a bit of that.


Mozart found a lovely toy store with the sweetest owner, so between the two of them, we were happily conned into buying a few small things, like a colorful barrette. Mozart suddenly has a passion to comb her bangs far to one side ( she must have seen a teen do this), thus we will have to find someways to help her grow them out.


The strangest thing in this town in the Torture museum. I am MUCH to squeamish for such things, perhaps a past life memory? In any case, I took a rest, while those two explored that particular gem. They both found it quite fascinating,which is not too surprising since Mozart loves Horrible histories  and Grossology. ( Two great ways to homeschool lots of useful information, effortlessly, since it appeals to kids and they they don't even realize they are learning while pouring over them with passion!)


There was a very nice hotel there that let us use their free wifi  which was a great help because there was no wifi at the campsite, only expensive metered machines on Spanish dated computers. Thank you! ( I tried to find it again online, but can't seem to, but it was beautiful on the main road in the center).This outdoor restaurant was part of it.


The best trick for finding free wifi on the road is to ask and ask again, until you find it. Soon I am going to do a post on some of the great and not so great places where we make our "mobile offices" with laptops on the move while traveling the world. Our "three laptop family" has become experts on this fine art and this was one of our luxurious finds! There is nothing quite like soaking up the benefits of a 5 star hotel for free.






We’re participating in Delicious Baby’s Photo Friday series with this post.  You might want to check it out!

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What a lovely experience. For some reason this reminds me of Norcia, a hilltown in Italy

We loved Spain when we visited there. We toured through a lot of small villages in the Basque area, so I especially enjoyed seeing these photos.
Thanks for sharing!

Stop with these wonderful posts on Spain. I am about to buy my ticket. (OK, not just yet, but I checked the price of a Euro in anticipation.) Off the track/guidebook radar are the best.

On such a dreary day in DC, just the escapism I needed!

The villages look so quaint in these photos.

Debbie,Dominique,Meg, Lola and Karen- I really enjoyed all of your comments! Good food for thought and a few giggles.

Thanks so much for stopping by!

I would love to go to the torture museum!

I would have skipped the torture museum as well. That is so cute Mozart wants to change her hair. ;)

These are such gorgeous photos. I love that the whole town is a national monument.

I'm a little squeamish too, but the family loves stuff like the torture museum. You should see the outside of the house right now before Halloween. Maybe you and I were tortured together in a past life.

It is SOOO gorgeous there! I'm full of envy right now! I've been to torture museums before in many countries and it is shocking to me to see what humanity is capable of. I think Vietnam was the worst for me since it was Americans committing the crimes within my lifetime. The medieval ones at least seem a bit more removed. yet no less disturbing. But on to happier times and gorgeous scenery! PLEASE drink in some of the beauty on my behalf!

This is a very interesting area with a rich culture. I'll pass this on to my readers. Thanks.

Jenny, Beth, Kim and Angelina-

Funny how we all have different reactions to torture museums, huh? I really do not understand how anyone could torture another human and I am afraid it almost makes me ill, to even think about it.

I have a friend who has changed her name to escape the torture connection of Joan of Arc & I realized that I have instead, taken it on. My image of her is more about her purity, courage and inspiration.

Glad you liked it JetSet, but do tell, why do you always say that "pass it on to my readers" line?

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