The Traveling Office!

October 24, 2008


Sometimes glorious like at a beach or pool and sometimes hardy, like perched on a door ledge on a busy street, but a mobile office is almost always interesting!  We have become masters at finding wifi and setting up our office on the go in every kind of place on four continents. We haven't caught all of our "office" locations, didn't even think about the oddness of our " 3 laptop family" existence until fairly recently, but thought we would share a few that we have remembered to catch on film.


There really are some of me somewhere too, but I couldn't seem to find any for this post. It happens that I am the most active photographer and these two are my  favorite models. You would never guess, that I am also the one who spends the most time online too, would you?


Are you getting as sick of seeing us in the same old clothes for years, as we are sick of wearing them over and over?  ( Actually, we have gotten used to this simplicity which saves so much time, since there is not much to decide on). Never fear, we will head to NYC soon to see all the disadvantaged school kids that follow us virtually through the award winning nonprofit Reach The World and while we are there we hope to find some sponsors that might want to see their clothes regularly on our blog! If you know any possibilities send them our way! Thankfully, Mozart is a skinny mini who can wear clothes for years. That is the same size four outfit that she wore when we left! We found frugal living fun long before it was a hot trend.






I am adding this to the fun Photo Friday gang at DeliciousBaby, so check it out!

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This is so great! I love this post.

Our family is similar (except not as light on our feet, having grown exponentially)...

Great photos...get a tripod so we can see you in some of them Jeanne!


Love it! My offices have been a beach in Puerto Rico (actually, multiple beaches in PR), the mountains of Mexico, numerous airport floors, and any number of parks and coffee shops where I could sneak some free wifi! Love your photos.


PS- When will you be in NYC? I'm home in NYC right now and will be here off and on through the end of the year. Would be great to meet in person.


Love the traveling office. Tim's after me to get a light-weight laptop so it's easier for me to get out and write in a few different places. Our current laptop is pretty hefty and a pain to lug around.

Nomadic Matt

a family of mac users! gasp!

Debbie Dubrow

What great photos -- they made me laugh. P and I both have iPhones now, so we're always checking email & twitter in the most unlikely places, and I can't count the times we've parked the car outside some place with free wifi while the kids nap in the back seat.


Hi there! I've just been getting caught up on all of your recent travels. Gosh, I love Spain! Your pictures are wonderful!


Hi, Just found your blog. I think what you are doing is fantastic!I will be back to read more. BTW...SEA is fascinating. I have been traveling in this area since 2001, and still have lots to see. Take care!

Christine Gilbert

Love this post... It's amazing the places you can find to work.

Beth Blair

What a fun post! You could make a memory book out of the photos.

Jet Set Life

The convenience of the mobile office is very prevalent amongst the jet setter. Thanks for this post. I'll be sure to pass it along to my readers.


Hello Jeanne, I noticed that you're now tweeting from the US. Are you and your family just taking a break, or has your trip come to an end? Thanks again for your excellent blog!


Elizabeth- We ARE still traveling & the blog will start catching up real soon! Thanks for bringing this up & I am sorry I am running slow these days.

We are home in Santa Cruz area at my mothers home for a few weeks of visiting with family and handing a few things here.

We had to fly into to NYC to visit all the disadvantaged school kids that travel with us virtually with Reach The World.

The grandparents & relatives would never have forgiven us if we did not come home for hugs while on this continent!

We have been traveling fast to get to NYC ( we were further north than planned) so that has slowed us down on the blog. I have a bunch written though and will post again very soon.

We will be back in Spain before Thanksgiving and my primary goal is to get the blog back or close to real time as quickly as possible.

We love volunteering with Reach The World, but the writing and posting for that blog has affected mine with the travel. Hopefully that will change soon when we stop traveling fast.

Glad you enjoy the blog!

Lil' Boozie

Your life is so funny, and by funny, I mean ironic :). In a world where we're all addicted to technology, where it has made communication among many others very impersonal, you've opened yourselves up to seeing the world & meeting others abroad. Seems like a good way to communicate, if you ask me!

Happy Travels & Happy Holidays!

Suz (a.k.a. Lil' Boozie)
"3 Troopin' Travelers"

Sofia - As We Travel

Haha what an office! I guess where there is people, there is Wi-Fi :P

Nancie (Ladyexpat)

I love your views!


Suz- Thanks, that's a good kind of funny! ;) We really have met amazing people along the way!

Sofia- You'd be amazed at some of the places we have found wifi easily & also some of the places where it was really London! Strange!

Nancie- Aw, thanks! You have some great ones yourself! ;) Hope we can connect when we get to Asia!

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