I Have Not Forgotten You!

December 01, 2008


This is just a quick post to let you know that we are all well and happily back into our winter home in Andalusia, Spain! I still have so much to tell you about our journey this spring, summer and fall, plus now I have the good internet connection that will allow me to get the stories up. Trust me, it is hard to travel fast, find free wifi and blog on the move!

We saw 13 countries this year, 2 continents and 5 states, so there is much to tell!  It has been really intense of late and we drove more miles and have been on more planes lately than our entire trip, so we are tired and behind in every way. 

Now we must move in, which is a transition in itself from RV-living to home-living which means finding a place for everything, including the boxes full of books, toys and things, that we leave here in the winter. Add to that the articles I have promised many which are overdue, my weekly volunteer work with Reach The World , my plans to finish my e-book this winter and I make all my own Christmas gifts for family. Yikes!

The good news is I am sure you are all just as busy as I am. I have decided that this month I will focus on our whirlwind trip for a month to America and updating you with news about our winter rental in our lovely 15th century village in Spain and how we do our holidays here.

Starting in January I will get back to our exciting travel details during 2008. I think more people will have time to read then and my intention is to do several posts a week until I catch up to real time. I would love to complete that by the end of January, but probably March is more realistic.

The volunteer work that I do for Reach The World takes up quite a bit of my time every week, so that has been part of the problem slowing my blog down. I am hoping now that we are not moving so fast, I can get a system down that will fix that. We are planning a trip to the Middle East in February or March this year, so I hope to be fully up to real time before that exciting journey.

We were thrilled to meet many classrooms of the disadvantaged school kids that follow us virtually in NYC through Reach The World in late October and I will be telling you more about that in a separate post. We had a very long drive down from Sweden to Spain to catch that plane to NYC, so had many more long drive days than our usual pace. Still we managed to see some fantastic things that we will soon share, including the Romantic Road in Germany, picking grapes in Alsace region and visiting Monaco.

It was our first time back to America since we left on this journey in the late summer of 2006 and I can not tell you how odd it was to be spending dollars. I lived in New York City for many years and had last been there around 1988, so it was very exciting to see the city again. We had some wonderful surprises there!

We could not be on the North American continent without seeing family and friends, so lots to tell you about that too. We had two different delicious Thanksgiving meals with DaVinci's family and mine a week early while we were in California, plus a third one with the  American family that lives here in Spain on Thanksgiving Day, one day after our return. That should last us quite a while! We met the most wonderful family in Denver at a  spectacular B&B and via twitter, found some really cool kids clothes at Agoo,  so have lots to report about that as well.

Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend! There really is so much to be grateful for despite the many crisis going on in this world.  I will post more details and pictures as soon as we get more settled here!

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Ohh good. I was wondering what you've been up to! :)

Nancy in VA

So glad to hear everything is going well...I was missing your posts and wondering how you all were doing. Sounds like you've been incredibly busy the past 5 months with lots more planned for the future. Thanks for allowing us to tag along vicariously :)


Oh, good, I'm so glad to read that it is not just me that can't keep up with all the fast travel, wi-fi searches and blogging.

In the last 12 months we saw 8 countries, 2 continents and 20 states. We did a cross country trip in the spring, had our truck stolen in Montreal, replaced it on the west coast and did the cross country a second time.

I miss blogging, I just get tired to put the words down. We're settled for 90 days, I'm sure I can find a routine to catch up.

Be glad to keep up with your stories

Nomadic Matt

The life of a nomadic is never quiet...


What a whirlwind! Take it easy and just post a ton of photos, that will make it easier to catch up :)...

PS: You make all your Christmas gifts?? Wow!


Thanks for your kind words! I always feel a pressure when I am having a hard time getting a post up on the blog for a while.

I know people worry. I once read a blog for about a year before we took off and all of a sudden they stopped and never started again. Ack, drove me crazy. lol.

I won't do that to you!! Blogging and traveling combined is a chore, but is also so fun to have others interested in the never ending story. ;)

I am so glad that you are tagging along Nancy...& all!

Oh, I hear you Paula. I didn't know your truck was stolen, but most of our readers don't know we were rear-ended this year in France. Yikes!

Kim, I make calendars and books about our travels for family. Really fun mementos that they cherish, but very time consuming.

They've been warned they will probably arrive late. ;)

WeSeed Writer

Just stumbled onto the site via travel-rants. Keep up the good work y "buena suerte!"

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