Sahara Dream

December 03, 2008

We had a very profound, spiritual experience in the Sahara thanks to the loving people we met there and the awe inspiring, simple beauty.

This is our video of our experience, read more about it here, here and here. Or click on Morocco for our many posts on this topic.

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Our daughter Mozart, who was just 6, rode in on a camel and gave a violin concert to 60 welcoming young Berber children which was a highlight for us and we shared some of that in our video "Where in Heaven is Mozart?". We bought some healthy food for them afterwards and Mozart had a great time playing with them despite the language differences. We were greeted with sunshine and a very rare, magical rainbow as we headed into the dazzling Merzouga dunes for our private camel trek and overnight in a nomad tent under the stars in the Sahara. We were honored to get to visit with some of the nomad families and get a taste of their graciousness, good food and hospitality. We owe a special thanks to Allesandra & Hmad of Les Nomades who are amazing people who helped us create this special life changing and authentic experience. We HIGHLY recommend them:


Thanks to Mathew Marsolek for the soulful song that is a sanskrit prayer and reminded us of our hauntingly beautiful experience in Morocco:

Tera Nam Ek Sahara

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Travel Packages India

The more the people are welcoming the more memorable the trip would be, this is what even i have felt and also I am glad to have gone through the other related post of these, and i am touched with your posts.


Soufyan Obaida

Hello Soul traveler,
First Of All I wanna tahnk you For this Treasure Presentation About Morocco Suth and North,
Secondly,I would like To know Everyhting about Your Organization,Because it really interesting.
Finally, I hopefully that Dream sahara Attractive other People from all the world By this Website.
Best Wishes From My irea,sahara...

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