Santa's Coming! Gift Ideas!

December 17, 2008


Yikes! Christmas is a week a way and if you are like us, you have not even started shopping yet! No worries, there is plenty of time if you do it online. No matter what holiday you are celebrating, we have lots of good suggestions!

If you have not looked at our shops, please do click on that link and you will see we have lots of great choices right here of both Soultravelers3 items as well as most  fabulous national brands in almost every category. We have done lots of reviews of books & products that we have used.

If you ever want to do ANY shopping with, please begin your shopping from our website. Just follow this link before you put any items in your shopping cart.

That way, we get a percentage of the sale as commission, while the price of whatever you purchase remains the same to you. Isn't that a wonderful win-win opportunity? Almost as sweet as all the little Santas climbing the sugar cube houses in our village!


If you know anyone who might enjoy our photography from around the world, check out our ImageKind store where you can get fabulous, one-of-a-kind cards, prints and canvases starting as low as $5.95. We also have some fun things  at Cafepress including one of our Soultravelers3 "Heaven on Earth" logo T-shirts for as low as $11.69!


Are toys on your list? Do you have a munchkin like us?

The Amazon link above features all the favorite toys by age which is a big help. We also love the things at National Geographic for kids and adults. I have lots of reviews on books up, but still working on toys. Hopefully we will get more caught up with things by next Christmas. What can I say, traveling and building
a website are not the most compatible vocations.


Have you heard about Hiefer International ? It is a wonderful non-profit that has been doing awe inspiring things to end poverty and world hunger for sixty years. I am proud to say some travel blogging friends of mine from Seattle (Nerd's Eye View, Wanderlust and Lipstick, WanderMom, and DeliciousBaby) got together for coffee and came up with a great way that all the travel bloggers can help and participate, along with their readers.

If you are looking for a way to give, this is a special opportunity and some awesome prizes have been donated that you might just win! Simply look for a  prize you are interested in on this page, note the prize code, then buy raffle tickets for $10  through FirstGiving until December 29.

The award winning non-profit that we work with Reach The World is another possibility if you are looking for a tax deductible worthy cause donation. Don't forget to mention Soultravelers3 when you donate there. We really fell in love with the kids that we met in NYC that are participating and were touched by how much the schools cared as well as the integrity of everyone involved.


This Friday is the last day of school here in Spain until January 7th, so we have the cute shepherdess outfit ("pastora") that Mozart will wear then with the other kids and during many Christmas festivities here. Her class has been practicing Silent Night in Spanish for when they sing for our village at the town hall. I thought I would end this post with the video we took of our first Christmas concert here when Mozart was six. it is  the season for such things and there is just something about kids singing that makes one smile!

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What sweet voices singing :)


Quick your Amazon link/profit always good year-round? We order from Amazon all the time & I'd be happy to save your link and go through there the next time we order! Let me know :) Merry Christmas to all of you!

Soul Travelers3

Thanks Happy Campers!

Good question! Yes, that link should be good year round ( that is if I did it right, which I hope I did). I think we have made a grand total of 8 dollars via Amazon so far, but I think part of the problem is people don't know how to do their buying in a way that helps us.

So I am trying to make it easier for great people like you who buy a lot at Amazon.

We appreciate the support! Merry Christmas to all of you!!


I love those Santa Clauses. (?clauses, is that right?!) Reminds me of last Christmas in Northern Spain, they were on quite a few windows and balconies there, too.

Will check out your online store!


Loved the climbing Santas!

It looks like y'all will having some great holiday times there.


I'm so glad you told us you were an Amazon affiliate. I am a HUGE Amazon shopper, and someone should benefit from it! Next time, I'm all yours!


I always want to leave a comment on the photos you put up at Photo Friday on Twit pic, but I've yet to get a Twitter account (yeah, I know, I know...I just had to take it a few things at a time here in blog land...Twitter is on the list for this year). Anyway, I've been enjoying your Photo Fridays :)

travel trailers for sale

Thanks for the gift ideas! I am also a fan of National Geographic, and I am going to buy another subscription for the upcoming winter. Man, time flies by quickly!

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