Where in Heaven is Mozart?

December 03, 2008

This is our little "Mozart" and she is 18 months into a multi year, open ended trip around the world, that started when she was five. She started playing the violin at 23 months old, so we thought it would be fun to mark her unique odyssey by playing her violin around the world at key places.
This is the first installment, with the most exciting moment being her concert in the Sahara. She rode in on a camel and played for 60 Berber kids that have no running water and have never seen a violin.
The beauty that we are seeing and the kindness of people every where, makes this world seem like heaven. This experience has been a great gift to us and we would like to share some of it with you. Enjoy!

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That was very moving...brings back a lot of memories. I can't wait to start traveling again. Thanks for making this video


That was very moving...brings back a lot of memories. I can't wait to start traveling again. Thanks for making this video


Thanks Darcy, glad that you enjoyed it! Good luck with your travels!


What a lucky girl! I would have loved to been home schooled, let alone to travel the world from such a young age. Good luck in the future!


Thanks K!

Yes, we do feel blessed to have these opportunities. I made sure Mozart read it too as I think it is good for her to realize how lucky she is. It just seems like normal life to her, so I don't know if she will fully realize what a lucky childhood she has until later in life. Her global education is certainly the main motivation in our travels, but we have all benefited in many ways.


wow, I'm very much impressed!


Wow, that was amazing. Very very touching seeing her play for those kids in Africa! We're home schoolers too and I found your link on Thorn Tree. My daughter and I will be backpacking Egypt/Israel in less than 8 weeks.


Helen-Thanks so much. If you look st our Sahara Dream video (just google that here or our soultravelers3 youtube channel) you will see a lot more of our time in the Sahara which was very special.

Homeschool and travel are amazing companions! We are still trying to get to Egypt, Israel & Jordan, but looks like we will have to cancel our trip again this spring because my arm is still paralyzed from my bike wreck on the Danube last August, but we will get there.

Have a fabulous time!


Loved the video! How wonderful! Your litle Mozart is very talented!


Amazing! She's already been to all those places around the world and so young, to. Very gifted and tallented girl. I also play violin and it isn't an easy instrument. Keep up the good work! You should try and make it down to New Zealand. I've heard that it's a beautiful country.

Italian Holidays

You and your husband are giving your daughter the most amazing life experience possible. I am inspired by your story.

Marion F.

I've never quite experienced the fulfillment that you must have every time you travel and do all these wonderful stuff. Your family is blessed because of the kindness in your hearts. I hope you'll have tours in Jordan. It's wonderful there.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

Thanks Jen!

Thanks too Sara and Marion...just wanted to let you know we have been to NZ and Jordan have violin videos there ( just haven't gotten all our countries up yet as it takes several more videos, but just haven't put them up yet).

Thanks appreciate the kind words!!

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