Family Travel Photo-France

January 16, 2009

Alsace, France, family travel, wine, Route du Vin,soultravelers3

The blazing autumn colors of the Alsace region of France were such a delight this past fall and thankfully, most of the tourist had gone by the time we arrived, but the grape harvest was in process! This was one of the many picturesque villages along the Route du Vin.We picked a bunch of grapes off these vines and they were the sweetest we have ever tasted!

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WOW what a stunning picture! I love the symmetry of the fields & how the rows of grapes make stripes within the squares. Oh, and the old building... :)

Karen (KayKay)

Just beautiful! The light is glorious.

Dana @ Cherry Soup

Wow! The colors are so beautiful. It looks more like a painting than a photograph. Thank you for sharing this bounty. :)




Awesome photo. It does look like a painting.

Angela Nickerson

That is truly a beautiful photo. Bravo!


That is gorgeous! It looks like a painting!


What a gorgeous picture! Its enough to make me want to hop on a plane and go see it for myself!!


It does look very pretty, I do hope you tasted some of the wine too.

Sheila from GoVisitHawaii

Fantastic photo! Thanks for sharing it!


What a gorgeous shot! I always love it when I see a landscape that reminds me the Old Masters really were painting from life.

brian from

It does look like a painting more than a pic. Great shot! I'm in Paris now and fortunately won't see anything like this. Thanks for the image.

Brooke vs. the World

Very, very pretty colors in this photo - just screams autumn. love it


Thank you all so much! It really was this pretty in person.

I so glad that you like this photo. DaVinci is working on a video of this area, so if you like this one, I know you will love that video. Subscribe to our soultravelers3 Youtube Channel ( just google those words) and be the first to see them!


Beautiful shot!

Talking about eating the grapes straight off of the vines reminds me of one of the days during our Basque walking tour...we strolled through the vineyards and ate grapes fresh from the vines. Yum!

Jen@Heading North After Naptime

Oh my! I thought this was a scanned in postcard. What an amazing picture!


This is beautiful. I always enjoy seeing photos of agriculture in other areas.


Wow! That picture is so lovely. Yes, at first glance I thought it was a painting. But it is real.


such a beautiful picture! reminds me of a Cezanne painting!

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