Family Travel Photo-Sweden!

February 18, 2009


On a warm, sunny summer day in Stockholm, we donned fur-lined, futuristic parka-capes and entered an air locked double-doored tunnel that leads into the Absolut Ice Bar's  magical igloo-like chamber that delighted our whole family! Who knew this was perfect family travel entertainment?

Everything inside is made of ice including walls, glasses, plates, chairs, tables and the bar itself. They even had a flat screen TV embedded in ice which tickled Mozart as she kept touching it's frozen surface. We all ordered plain OJ in our rock-of-ice glasses which we had to sip with our gloves on.  Mozart was the only child, but we came early so few people were there and she even played her violin!

The ice bar and all of it's frozen parts are rebuilt every six months. The 100% pure ice is harvested from the Torne River in northern Sweden near Finland, where the Ice Bar's management has operated the spectacular Ice Hotel in Jukkasjärvi since 1989. The frozen couches had reindeer hides on them for seating, a nice touch. We all found this visit exhilarating, fun and a bit like visiting another planet. Perfect summertime fun!

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My favorite part of this post is "she even played her violin." Mozart's definitely the cool kid I always wanted to be. :-)


I've always wanted to visit the Ice Hotel in Quebec I know I'd love this place, too!
Glad y'all had a great time.


Hi Soultravelers team,

I clicked on this blog while looking for some information on Sweden, a place we are deciding to discover this May. I liked your post and the snap.

Nice and keep writing


Peter Carey

That's ;)


Like those cool capes, but you won't catch me anywhere near an ice hotel - give me a tropical beach any day.

Peace Mitchell (Australia)

What a lovely photo of the three of you enjoying a cool change! I'd love to see a room made completely of ice it sounds so beautiful.
Thanks for sharing,


WHAT a cool photo!! i love it!


Oh, how fantastical! Looks like it would be loads of fun for big and little people both!

Heading North after Naptime

Color me green with envy!!! This was on our list of places to see over the Christmas holidays but we had to cut it out because of time constraints. Thanks for sharing the great picture of you guys!


awesome photo, and place. it sounds like it could be in some 007 film.


The ice bar sounds great. I've been walking past a few times, but not yet paid a visit.


This is such a great photo of the three of you. What wonderful memories you are creating together. I am inspired every time I visit.

Peter Carey

It's on my todo list for Sweden!

Sofia - As We Travel

If you ever come back here to Sweden in winter time, you would love it going to the Ice Hotel up north!!!!!!
They rebuild the whole hotel every year, with a new design each year, and every room looks different.


Peter- Thanks for the giggle!

Paulette- Aw, thanks!

Dominique Cool!

naina Thanks! Have fun!

heather- in the summer it is a fun relief! ;)

Peace- thanks, sounds coolio!

Jessie- thanks

Heading north- next time!

Erica- Try it in summer! ;)

Carrie- Aw, you are always so sweet!

Sofia- sounds amazing!


I'd thought about trying this when we are in Stockholm this summer, but I wasn't sure if it was child-friendly. I'm glad you & your family enjoyed it!

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