Our Chocolate Valentine in Koeln

February 12, 2009

Mozart & soultravelers3 in Kohn/Cologne Germany Chocolate Museum

Mmmm! The delicious chocolate fragrance  greeted us as we enter the door of this impressive neo-eclectic structure on the Rhine and the oozing chocolate fountain with scrumptious free samples delighted Mozart to no end!

We hoped it would make a perfect Valentine for all of you chocolate lovers out there, so Happy Valentine's Day!

"My love is as deep (as the sea), the more I give thee, the more I have, for both are infinite." Shakespeare

We had a fabulous time exploring this famous Chocolate Museum (Schokolademuseum)
in Kohn/Colgne, Germany! We missed the Cadbury factory when in the UK, so promised Mozart we would go to this Lindt factory. They have more than 5 million visitors a year! One great thing about open ended family travel, we can always be flexible.

Germany is famous for it's chocolate and Kohn is the chocolate capital. The enormous Stollwerck chocolate company was based in Kohn and it was once, the second largest supplier of chocolate to
the US.

It's actually a great home school field trip because it's a complete history through the world of chocolate production starting with  pictures of cacao plants and takes the visitor through the entire production process from the bean all the way to bar! There is a lot of hands-on experience through each stage including making some for demonstration purposes (about 400 kilograms).

The history is laid out nicely by honoring the
South American origins of chocolate and the role it played South American society as well as in the 17th and 18th centuries in Europe when chocolate was expensive and thus only enjoyed by the wealthy. We also really enjoyed the advertising and commercials through time.

Now, this is a fun way to learn and we munched our way as we learned and enjoyed. There was even a fun digital test in the end to see if we were paying attention.

We passed with flying colors! We had a great time in the nearby cathedral and visiting the whole city, but this was our favorite spot!

Here are a few more links about chocolate  & Valentine's Day that are educational for our homeschool readers. What is your favorite part about learning all about chocolate?

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What a fabulous video! Our local botanical gardens had a Tree To Chocolate event a few years ago & Reese loved seeing where his favorite Hershey's bar comes from! I can only imagine how much fun the factory tour was on top of learning all the good stuff :)

kat calvin

What an adorable picture! I'm off to buy myself some chocolate right now!

Karen (KayKay)

Great video and post. Oh my. I can almost smell the chocolate. I've been trying to resist lately, but I'm starting to think that resistance is futile! ;-) Chocolate everywhere I turn this time of year. What a fun place for all of you.

Happy Hotelier

Köln, Koeln, Cologne or Keulen (in Dutch) Lol

Danielle Barkhouse

We went to Cadbury in the UK when we were IS a fantastic field trip but I'd choose Lindt over Cadbury any day!

Did you make it to the Cathedral in Koln?

Fly Girl

A chocolate tour is my idea of educational inspiration! Pastries and chocolate are about the only things I really like about German food so this would be a must-see for me.


Thanks for sharing. What a great video you made from the festival. And reading about chocolate will never cease to interest me.

This inspired me to write my own blog post about chocolate.

Helga D.

Koeln/Cologne, please, if I may correct you... not Kohn
I admire your courage...

greetings from a German-Canadian in Toronto

Rebecca (from Germany)

I realy love this Chocolate Museum in Köln (Cologne). And I love the Picture of your daughter eating this little chocolate stick :-D a little bit chocolate would be great! :-D
Oh my god so much chocolate in such a short text...
Greetings from Germany!

P.S.: I like this page a lot! And there're still so many articles which I want to read.
I hope my english is not that bad as I thought, I'm just 15 and have to use my school-english :-D

Debbie Everets

Thanks for this video! We toured the Hershey factory in Hershey PA when our three were younger - yummmm! I will be sure to put this one on my list too!

Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family in warm sunny Spain! Are you watching the Olympic Games?

wandering educators

LOVE this!! i have been there - it was such a fun tour! and of course, i had to get LOTS Of chocolate to remember the tour by. it smelled so lovely!

Milena Yordanova

Great video! The museum looks very interesting, but I had time only for the shop attached to the museum during my trip to Cologne. The shop is a heaven for chocolate lovers!

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