Twitter & Travel 2.0

February 10, 2009


Some of you probably do not even know what Travel 2.0 or Twitter is. I don't think I would know about them if it was not for our world tour. Some how it has flung us into a whole new world called web2.0 because we are living lives as a 3 laptop family which makes us traveling digital nomads!

Web 2.0 and Travel 2.0 are about connection, communicating, collaborating and relationships. YOU are all part of our Travel 2.0 world tour! Isn't that fun?

It has been nothing less than astounding for us as we find ourselves touring the web2.0 world as we travel the real world. It has made a huge difference in our trip and makes us on the cutting edge of a new way of being, that becomes even more important in this economy.

We find we are trailblazers in a world where all one needs is a laptop to work or school anywhere at any time while still being able to compete with large corporations or top educational institutions. I see it as opening up more freedom for us all!

Recently I did an interview with Kim Mance a free lance writer with Huffington Post who also is a co-founder of  an exciting  travel magazine called Gogalavanting. We met on Twitter some months ago. (By the way, Arianna Huffington is an old friend and neighbor  of mine from the days I lived in New York City long ago and was one of the first to understand the importance of community on the internet).

I was really impressed with an article Kim wrote about why travel is important & am excited about the Travel Blog Exchange community that she recently started.

 There are some glitches in the video because it was a "live" interview with her in Chicago and me in Spain, but it speaks to the way technology is quickly changing how we do business in today's world. I am honored that she chose to include us in  her Notable Travelers Series.

"Travel 2.0" is all about how internet connections are changing travel and we are perfect examples!

I joined Twitter about a year ago, primarily to have a way to connect with family while we are on the move as there is not always the time to post things on the blog or call.  Both can be expensive if we can not find free wifi, so time is of the essence and Twitter is quick.  I found that with Twitpic, it was also  a great way to give a "real time" quick peek to our readers on Twitter, letting them know about the stories to come.

Little did I know that I would also meet some amazing people there like Guy Kawasaki with his superb Alltop Travel (and others), one of my favorite blogs and "must have" new book, Reality Check! Don't you love that smile?

Or the fabulous Wendy Perrin from Conde Nast Traveler and amiable  Elliott Ng from Uptake. There is no way I would have met these people or other innovative people like Liz Strauss, Chris Brogan, Laura Fitton, Mari Smith, Kelby Carr, Lucretia M. Pruitt, Jim Long , Gary Vee  Sarah Evans,  and  so many more that have touched our lives.

We have over 4000 people following us on Twitter and they have been a wonderful help on our travels in so many ways. Recently I was introduced to Benji Lanyado on twitter from another friend who writes about travel @ben_coop  ( who is a Web Editor for amongst other things and has a passion for Andalusia like us).

Benji writes for the UK Guardian  and had the fantastic  idea to do a TwiTrip  ,which translates to doing a cutting edge trip depending on "live" tweets from  unknown people via Twitter for places to stay, eat or visit. It was an experiment to see how it would work  from London to Paris and since Twitter has been such an awesome tool for us, I was intrigued and happy to jump in to help.

I was thrilled that he stayed at the Paris hotel that we suggested and that he was kind enough to give us a mention and link in his Guardian article ! I have to  pass on that credit to @ewanderlust  who along with many others gave me great ideas to answer Benji's question about a "cool/cheap place in Paris for under 75 Euros?".

The good news about getting insider hints from around the twitosphere? It is easy for you to have that information now  if you are headed to Paris! If you look at my favorites you will see that now we have a record of them. Thanks so much to  @budtravel, @writingtravel, @prmaria, @thefutureisred, @jaypiddy  AlexBerger @airbnb @emused  @mallorcavilla  and also the people from Facebook that helped ( my Twitter account and Facebook are linked).

 The circular nature of the web2.0 world is demonstrated by how I shared a highlight of Twitter for us in an online conversation with Benji, about our special Halloween with Wendy Perrin's family that she wrote about on her Conde Nast Traveler's blog, the Perrin Post and then later,  she happened to link to that article about his Twitrip.

She noted how people like The New York Times' Clive Thompson and MSNBC's Chris Elliott have already explained the power of Twitter. Then while I was writing this, Margaret, a regular reader of this blog, sent me a link via Facebook to an good article about Twitter and Journalism.

The story seemed to zip through the travel cyber community with posts from National Geographic Traveler's Intelligent Travel blog, Make Travel FairShort BreaksAndy Roberts, @brilliantips had several including one that included us!

Most of the top travel people are on Twitter so we have created an exciting community and hashtags like #travel, #paris, #Spain, #twchat and #tbex help when you use twitter search .

Todd Lucier just had a fascinating conversation with three travel blogging network experts (and my friends from Twitter)  @SEKeener , @elliottng and @KimMance about travel, relationships and community. He recently also did an interesting podcast with my  cool  travel writer friends @sheilaS and @nerdseyeview who are doing a travel workshop at SXSW.

I love how Twitter helps make the joy of travel easier than ever today through connecting and relationships. Now that is what I call travel 2.0! Feel free to join me if you have not already and make sure you use the @soultravelers3 so I can hear you! Join in the conversation!.

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Frank Da Silva

Great post! Thanks for sharing your adventures and useful tweets!

Nancy D. Brown

Love this post. Love Twitter.
Loved your interview with Kim
on Galavanting TV.

To any new Twitter folks out there, I'm one of those travel bloggers who is addicted to Twitter.



Jean, an excellent post with dozens of links to valuable info. Anyone new to Twitter will do well to start here to understand how quickly a community can form around topics of shared interest.

Happy Journeys! I'll be sure to bookmark this post, too much to digest at one sitting.


Great post! Seriously, all this time I couldn't figure out what favorites was useful for! Off now to favorite a few tweets.


Great post, you packed a lot of helpful info in! Thanks again for braving the internetz to do the fun video interview. I really think you'll inspire more to do the same.

Sandra Foyt

I've been enjoying chatting with you on Twitter, and other social media, for over a year now. Hard to believe, I know!

Thanks for the links in this post. I'm planning to road trip through the USA this summer, but "planning" isn't exactly what I'm doing. I'm going to wait till the last possible moment, and then figure it out. All I know is that we must include fossil hunting, and I want to visit storybook setting.

I'm definitely going to be counting on Tweeple for advice!


I'm a travel writer (@MelodyMoser on Twitter) and have enjoyed following you since I joined. I just wanted to tell you that I really loved this post. Thanks so much!


Hello Soultravelers3!

I just watched your video earlier this week and have been meaning to drop by and tell you how much I enjoyed it. This post on Twitter is especially enlightening, as I've just discovered that I've only uncovered the tip of the iceberg in relation to Twitter and the art of travel 2.0 Congratulations on your travel successes and keep your stories coming. You're making history right now!

Beth Whitman

Usually we're disconnected when we're traveling so I find it wild that you are more plugged in while you're on the road!


Hey Frank, appreciate that, thanks for stopping by!

@Nancydbrown- Very happy to have all your love here & yes indeed, you are a great travel twitterer to follow!

@toddlucier-Thanks for your kind words and for noticing all the good links! Love what you do!

@Jamie- Thx! I love how you can be so clever & funny at the same time! Favorites are quite handy, but I wish they had a better tag system with them.My Paris group is already back a page or two.

@kim-Thanks so much! It was really a pleasure working with you!

@Sandrafoyt-Thx! Hasn't time gone by fast? Sounds like you are going to have a fantastic road trip this summer in the US! Did you know I did one for 6months many years ago? I hope to post about it soon & unveil the skinny, young me for all to see. ;)

@melodymoser Thanks so much! Pleasure meeting you & I appreciate your commenting!

@carrie Thanks so much for stopping by and commenting! I appreciate you letting me know you liked it. Looks like you are making history too! Who knew Twitter could be so fab, eh?

@Beth-Ha! ;) So glad you brought that up as I probably was not clear on this point.

Actually, we are often unplugged and usually in nature when we travel as most of our 75,000 miles so far have been on land.

But slow travel, extended travel,traveling with kids & travel as a lifestyle means that at some point one needs to be connected, twitter just makes it a little easier.

We lean strongly in the eco, green, sustainable travel realm & are mostly vegan and unschoolers, so natural, nature & authentic is our main mode...BUT there is definitely a place for plugging in some when you are often in a place for months.

It really adds to the freedom of this travel lifestyle.That said, I truly enjoy the times we are unplugged and a different freedom that it brings.

It is a little like mixing our winter months in a home with deep immersion ( 3rd winter in Spain) & then RV movement for 6/7 months. We love both in different ways.

The faster we travel, the less we go online, the slower we travel, the more time we have to connect via internet while immersing deeply.

Part of what we do while in Spain in the winter is catch up with vids, pictures,etc while reflecting on past travel & preparing for future travel.We even use our cable internet here for piano lessons via webcam Skype!

We don't own an ipod or iphone, so not totally geeky yet. ;) Still, even when we go off for months at a time with just a small day pack each in places like rural Turkey or the Sahara in Morocco, we always have at least one laptop with us.

jessie voigts

i'm @jessiev on twitter - i love twitter but often don't get on it enough...great article!

Angela Nickerson

Ooh! I am gonna follow some of the people you mentioned!


PS: Happy St. Valentine's Day (


Fun interview.
It's frustrating to me to see how many of my fellow offline writers don't want to even try some of the new media tools and possible avenues for their writing when print markets are so moribund. I'm not entirely sure exactly how the whole 2.0 thing will benefit my writing career, but I do know that failing to learn some how to best use the new media and networking tools will get you left way far behind...
Nice, positive post with helpful info

Nomadic Matt

that post was filled with a lot of link love. and you mrs huffington huh? still stay in touch?

but yes, twitter is a great way to meet and stay connected with the travel community of the world. It is a wonderful resource! I have meet many great people through it and it allows me to share ideas and discuss instantaneously. Since we are all global, you can get help 24/7

Dean Roskell

Great post. I'm just preparing to leave for my next trip round Asia, and I plan to up my blogging and communication to a certified web 2.0 standard :D

I think Twitter might be a very useful tool for keeping in touch with like minded folk, as well as being able to broadcast any new posts and videos I create.

Gennaro @EWanderlust

It's amazing the way information currently travels. It won't be long before many travelers are using Twitter or similar as their guidebook. Is there a better resource than friends and fellow travelers when arrving in a new place?

Peace Mitchell (Australia)

Great article, Twitter is such an amazing way to connect with people everywhere in real time.

Sheryl Sever (Coach Shera)

As a world traveler and educator (and self-taught social media evangelist), I find your article and interview extremely educational.

Thank you!

JP Holecka

When my family was galavanting around the beautiful south of Spain last year we really enjoyed the connection with folks all over view the web and Facebook. It's great to see you guys take it to the next level.


Wow. Awesome article. I just started following you on twitter and will now follow your blog! I think it is amazing what and how you are teaching your daughter. She has an AMAZING future ahead of her! and you are amazing parents for taking the plunge!


Nice read. Just getting into twitter and post was helpful


Here's some USA TODAY travel folks who are on Twitter: @laurably, @cruiselog, @todayinthesky, @barbdelollis, @wanderlust13 and @CAroundtheWorld. We've had fun getting to know many of the people you've mentioned above!

Account Deleted

Really interesting post! I'm new to Twitter and have a lot to learn but am excited about the possibilities for us at NuNomad as well. Thanks for this information - it will take me a while to digest it but will bring me further up the learning curve!

Megan Fitzgerald, Expat Career & Personal Branding Coach


I am a lover of travel and all things 2.0 so I am right there with you!

Thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Best wishes,


Thanks for sharing those great travel tweeters. I definitely found some new ones on here!

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