Family Travel Photo-Norway!

March 06, 2009

Norway fjord lake peaceful 

After a sauna and the most scrumptious organic breakfast, which we savored leisurely while taking in the awe-inspiring mountain and lake views, Mozart decided that she had to investigate it even closer.

We now know why  National Geographic Traveler Magazine named the fijords in Norway, "the best unspoiled travel destination in the world" and why they are on  Hillman's list of Top 100 Wonders of the World. We found the fjords perfect for family travel!

We will be writing more about our thrilling adventures of exploring this World Heritage Site  fjord area of  Norway on our own via trains and boats, but thought we would start with this photo. In that calm of a new morning, with no one around, Mozart enjoyed skipping rocks and running wild to greet the day in this spectacular setting on Lake Vangsvatnet .

We had left our RV in Oslo  and took trains to the western part of Norway where the fjords are, so we stayed at one of our first hostels, which just happens to be one of the nicest in Norway. We did not book either in advance since we were just "winging" this trip as we went. Summer and the tourist season ends on August 15th in Scandinavia and we were there in September when the summer crowds are gone and winter crowds have not arrived.

This picture was taken right on the hostel grounds just a few feet from where we ate and slept. We had a private family room which was big,  adequate, but certainly not a cheap option ( although a little cheaper than the nearby hotels). The room was not lush, but  the place was lovely, in an idyllic setting and we met  some friendly people from many countries.  Norway is the most expensive country in Europe, so we did not linger ( like we could in Sweden by staying with friends) but we were very glad we did not miss this glorious fjord countryside!

I know, I am behind on my schedule again, as I come to the blaring conclusion once more, that what I think  can get done in a day, seems to have no bearing on reality. We are becoming so popular that social media, interviews, radio shows, writing assignments, taking our disadvantaged kids with us virtually and just trying to stay up with emails eats up all my spare time.

I am looking into finding interns and volunteers to help, so please let me know if you are interested ( leave a message in the comments or our contact number).I need to delegate some of this! I am trying to work out some kind of win-win arrangement.

Don't miss our latest interview with Andrew Warner on the cool site  Mixergy about our lives as digital nomads. You will find lots of great interviews there and we are honored to be amongst some amazing renown innovators like Tim Ferriss Seth Godin and Jason Calacanis! Who knew we would be with "web visionaries"?

Please don't forget to vote for all 3 of our nominations for Lonely Planet Travel Awards as the voting continues until March 20th, so tell all your friends! We really appreciate all the votes we have gotten soooo much!  It is a very tight race in every category because of their prestigious name in travel, so each one counts.

I'll post this on Deliciousbaby's Photo Friday where you can see lots of fun travel photos!

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Looks like a really serene place to spend some time!

We considered Norway as a destination one year. We'd gotten as far as doing a bit of research, and the dreaded unemployment blues put the kibosh on that trip.
So, it's one of the places high on my list of places I need to visit :)

Angela K. Nickerson

On my first visit to Norway, I was stunned to learn that the fjords are as deep as the mountains around them are tall -- if not deeper. They are truly stunning. Thanks for taking me back there!


what a great photo! it sure makes me want to go there.

Sandra Foyt

Beautiful! I loved our visit to Norway. We kayaked the fjords, picked up Troll books, picked blueberries on hiking trails, and road the rails. If you can, look out for the singing lady in blue on the Flamsbana train.


Beautiful pic of your long-limbed lass and the fjords.


That is a beautiful picture! I am worried about the cost of traveling through much of Europe (as a full-time traveler), but know that someday, it will be mine. Thank you for the inspiration.

And good luck with the Lonely Planet awards - you have my vote - please help me in my own plight for Best Travelogue (The Professional Hobo)!

Debbie Dubrow

Beautiful pictures! Thanks so much for sharing.

Good luck with finding some help to help balance your success with your need to actually experience where you are!


What a beautiful photo from Norway. Looks so peaceful! So far I've only been to the ski resort Trysil, but have wanted to see the fjords ever since I read a travel article about them a couple of years ago.

Being behind schedule is understandable when you're traveling and has to keep up with other things as well. I hope you'll find a few interns who can help!


I'm here from your add at Twitter - thanks!

What a great blog and wonderful posts about travelling; So readable and informative with a lot of adequate personal experiences!

I'm glad you had such a great time in Norway too, but only sorry I did not know you where here so we could meet and I could show you around!

I'll be following you :-)

memory foam mattress

Norway seems like a fantastic place. I've always felt jealous whenever I see pictures of the beautiful country villages. Some of those in fjord areas look like they are in Yosemite Valley scenery-wise... except with more peace and quiet. I haven't visited yet, but the four people I know who have tell me it is not to be missed.

Adventures of Alice

Hi! My husband and I are going to Norway in October. Any tips on seeing the fjords===best tours, boats, train routes?
Any suggestions would be wonderful if you have some extra time!

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