Heavenly Month In Santorini

March 23, 2009

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We spent over a month on beautiful Santorini in Greece and had it all to ourselves in June. It's unique and breathtaking geological position on a volcano plus 4000 year old history along with it's stunning beauty makes it a "must see" on everyone's list.

Sadly most see it during high season for just a few hours off a cruise ship , so miss the true essence of Santorini that is in the silence away from the crowds.

You can read more about our time in Santorini here , here and here plus many more in that area, along with other islands in Greece.

We loved Santorini camping which has everything you need including bungalows for those without a tent or RV, plus a great pool, good internet pool side, fab restaurant and lovely people!

Warning- do NOT go to Santorini in July or August. We left our RV there while we toured more Greek Islands & Turkey and this heaven was no longer visible through the crowds when we returned. We could not wait to leave then, so see it in May, June or September.

We also stayed right on the caldera at beautiful Volcano Villa that we can highly recommend:

Here is more info on the unique wines and vineyards that we enjoyed touring.
That is cherry juice that Mozart is drinking by the way! ;)

We are very pleased that Yanni allowed us to use his gorgeous song "Santorini" for this video:

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Robin Einzig


Just discovered your blog after my sister sent me the link after she read on my blog about my dream to do much what you are doing with my daughter.

One question for you...I just looked at some of your beautiful videos but was so sad to see your daughter playing violin against a music track. Are there any of the videos that maintain the original sound (i.e. her playing, the language and sounds of the countries and people, etc?) I would love to see any of those....not "done up", just as they were shot. It would be so much more of a way to "be there" with you. Have you considered it or am I missing it?


Welcome Robin, so glad that you discovered us!

Sad? Wow,that is the first time I have heard that one! We have one of the top travel channels on Youtube and had over 2 million views with almost almost all positive comments.

Have you seen our 3Kings ( Pop! Pop Pop!) or Carnival videos? They fit your description perfectly. Do you know we have 32 videos? Even this one has a part at the end with natural sounds of our sweet deserted campsite in Santorini.

We have over 200 hours of video, over 50,000 photos so far ( 29 countries, 4 continents, over 78,000 miles, mostly overland) so many more coming.

We also have Mozart playing the violin and piano, although no performances.

ALL travel montages are done with background music as it is the only realistic way to do it unless you are being filmed by a huge budget operation like the BBC or ABC etc.

The reality is it is a ton of work just to get the video and took 18 months to collect those few moments. These are very crowded, very noisy icons after all so there is no way to sync in perfection.

Just getting up there to do it over and over again, was a challenge for a 5 year old and crowds would always gather.

Most people seem to find it very inspiring and many say they have been moved to tears of joy! We are glad to have this special memoir of our journey and glad it has gone viral because so many people enjoy it.

There are TONS of unedited, "undone" travel videos on Youtube and elsewhere. Most have VERY FEW views and we tend to find most of them ugly and boring.

We have the rare honor of being one of the very few Travel blogs to be asked to be a Partner with Youtube. We take great pride in all of the content that we put up and only want the best for our audience and for our own personal record.

I hope you can travel some day and I hope you enjoy it as much as we have!


Santorini looks lovely. Would love to visit some day.

Great video by the way!


Santorini is one of the best of Cyclades islands. Turkish Riviera is wonderful as well. Aegean is really beautiful to see!

Katie, Tripbase

Santorini is a stunning, stunning place. The view of the volcano from the top of the island is truly incredible, i loved it there.

unfortunately i did experience high season on the island which was crowded to say the least.

firmly back your recommendation to go off peak - without the swarms of tourists is a very special place indeed!


Lisa Bergren

Lovely video--I've been wanting to go to Santorini for some time--this clinches it! We're dreaming of putting together an itinerary for our family (kids are 14, 11, and 6). Thanks for the inspiration that tells me, "If they can do can we!"

Lisa Bergren

Mikayla B

So beautiful, can't wait to experience this place too!

Margaret Sch.

Yanni's sublime musical expression and your loving depiction of the beauty that you experienced in Santorini is heartwarming and inspiring. Thanks for this gift to your viewers!

Greek Island traveler

I agree that Santorini is stunning, it is actually one of the prettiest Greek islands I have ever visited. But unfortunately, I made the mistake of visiting it in August, and as you said, it was swarming with crowds. Not the peaceful holiday I was expecting :(

Qi Heart

wow! I love the videos and photos. Makes me want to go right now. It's definitely on our, must travel to list. Thanks for sharing your adventures. The photo of your daughter looking out into the water is so beautiful. She'll treasure these memories for the rest of her life, I'm sure!

Laura @ Roam Far and Wide

You have inspired me to go to Santorini in April! Looks incredible!

jeanne @soultravelers3

Happy to hear that Laura! You will love it!

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