Family Travel Photo-Germany

May 19, 2009

Sunflowers, Romantic Road, Germany, Autumn trees, Romantische Strasse

Have you traveled the Romantic Road in Germany? Checkered with sunflowers, castles, vineyards and multi-colored autumn trees, the "Romantische Strasse"  is "one of the most scenically beautiful" according to Frommers.

The Romantic Road was a trade route during the middle ages and still retains the same charm of that time as it weaves along the western border of Bavaria. We delighted in discovering so many beautiful sights during our stay in this area last October (after the masses of tourists have gone home). I have much more to write about this stunning  area and will be doing so soon. Many say it is quintessential Germany!

I took this picture on the road from  Nordlingen to Dinklebuhl as we drove in our RV. I really love sunflowers, don't you? We have seen them in Italy, Turkey, Spain and France, but some how they caught me by surprise this late in the season in Germany.

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What a great picture with the sunflowers in full bloom while the trees are showing their fall colors!

Lilliy (aka Fun Lilliy)

I love sunflowers too. They always remind me of summer. It is a bet of surprise with the background of autumn though. I am going to Germany for a conference in October but as always when ever I get a chance to be away I add a few days extra to be able to do some touring on my own. I will think of this place when I am there.

Melody Moser

What a gorgeous picture! I also love sunflowers, and remember some beautiful sunflower fields I saw in the southern Czech Republic.

I visited the Romantic Road in the winter; most of the fields I saw there were covered in snow. Beautiful in a different way!

Karen (KayKay)

What gorgeous colors! I love sunflowers.

Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish

Amazing colors! Would love to see this in person.

Dr. Jessie Voigts

i HAVE driven the romantic road - and love it! these sunflowers are gorgeous! thanks for sharing.


Sunflowers to me reminds me of our cycling honeymoon in central France - a long time ago now!


This picture is kind of trippy - the colors are so vibrant! I like how distinct each sunflower face is.


I've heard of the Romantic Road but have never seen photos. This is amazing!

Kymri Wilt

Love those colors!!


I love the colour. It's so OTT, it reminds me of a Kandinsky painting.


Melissa- That's what really grabbed me in this photo, such a fun little nook of perfect colors!

Lilly- Yes, I'm used to sunflowers in summer too & they were usually at their prime at our home in Santa Cruz in August. We had tons! It did shock me to see these in their prime next to the fall trees. Have fun in Germany & don't miss at least part of the Romantic Road!

Thanks Dim Sum, Bagels, and Crawfish! It was this pretty in person & delight to catch at just the right moment!

Melody- I can't imagine it covered in snow. Yes, indeed very different experience, but sounds lovely. We never see Northern Europe in the bad weather since we like to RV, but I lived in Milan for a year long ago, which was enough Northern Europe for this Californian who loves sun. ;) We go to the mountains near Granada if we miss snow ( just like we did in Ca as I grew up in Michigan, so prefer sunny, warm winters). ;)

Jessie- It's fun isn't it? I liked it more than I expected to. My favorite part of Germany!

Heather- Ah, cycling France, we loved that too & the sunflowers there. ;)

Mara- Thanks! It was a little trippy & surreal in person as well. ;) It is not a combo one sees often & it was gone in an instant.

Wanderluster- You must put it on your list. I think it's the very best of Germany & very charming without the crowds.

Kaykay- They are one of my fave flowers! ;)

Kymri- quite the unusual combination, eh?

Caitlin- It did look like a painting in person too, but I didn't think of Kandinsky until you mentioned it.


By the way, I'm not sure why the names are not hyperlinked in the comments on this post.

I've told Typepad about it, so it should be fixed soon.

Sorry about that.

family holiday parks

Sounds and looks beautiful! I will have to recommend the Romantic Road to my sister who is traveling to Germany in a month.


You know it's a good photo when you scroll down and then your eyes pop out and you want to jump into your computer screen. Way. Cool.

Flor cuellar

Estan hermosisims las fotos...


My only trip to Germany was to Berlin. It was in March with brutal cold and snow flurries.
This picture makes me want to return during this time of bloom. The colors are astounding, not only the sunflowers but the tree foliage behind. It is like a rainbow.

gloria riola

Thanks so much for bringing back fond memories of driving down the Romantische Strasse in our RV late last April. It's just what I needed, after feeling a bit depressed that we're not on the road anymore. (...but can't complain about living in Capitola either!) Did you see the May Poles in front of each town? We were so bummed we didn't stay in Germany for the May clebrations. But, at least got to see the May Pole Dance this year at the SCWS. (...and got to celebrate Queen's Day in Amsterdam!) Happy Travels!

Mary Richardson

Your story reminds me of our family travel when we were young and living in Europe. So great of you to be giving your children this kind of education. I will always value our family travel as one of the best gifts my parents ever gave us...


Your pictures are beautiful!I have always wanted to go to Germany. I will be going to Paris in the summer through my vacation club called Royal Holiday....I shall jump to Germany for a few days!

Maui Weddings

Amazing photo. Thanks for posting.


I was wondering if you have any recommended camp grounds or lodging in Germany? We are planning on doing our own romantic road trip this fall and would love to know.

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