Basque Folk Dancing in Bilbao, Spain

June 23, 2009

Basque folk dancing Bilbao, Spain, Traditonal dance,

One of the great delights of family travel, is the spontaneous joyful moments that seem to come out of nowhere. We went to Bilbao to see the fantastic, world famous Guggenheim and didn't really expect to find the area so charming as I had read some negative things about it. 



Despite it not being a travelers campground, we ended up really enjoying the Sopelana campsite that was at a nearby beach and they even had good free wifi, sea view and pool. It is just a kilometer away from a metro station that goes to central Bilbao.


We must have arrived on a festival day of some sort and on our way to the metro we stopped and enjoyed the celebrations including this fun folk dancing. They also had a band with a typical Basque flute, txistutx and lots of activities for the locals. 




This was taken last year, but I have not had a chance to get them up, so I'm going to be posting last years travel along with this years and hope it is not too confusing. We were there around the same time last year, so I'm wondering if it related to the big festival today in Barcelona.

I am going to get as many up as possible while in Barcelona, so will probably be heavy on pictures and light on words. Do you like folk dancing too? What fun moments have you run into by accident while traveling?





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Bilbao was our starting point when we did the walking tour of the Basque Country several years ago. I'm so glad we signed on for an extra couple of days in that city!
The Guggenheim was pretty amazing..although I admit I was more into the architecture of the building itself than what was inside.
We stayed right downtown and experienced our first taste of Spanish/Basque food, which we liked better than anything we had in Paris.


So, not folk dancing, but folk music... When I was little, my parents and I were camping in Newfoundland, and ran into a group of friends playing their music on the beach for fun. They had a bonfire and shared their molasses tea (which I of course thought was disgusting) with us. Nonetheless, it was nice and toasty despite the icebergs in the background. A fun memory!


Do you know if there are any festivals from the 20th - 25th september 2009 that a school can attend were going to be there from the 20th to 25th thank you very much.


Hey- I don't know off hand about the festivals in Spain or Europe, but they have LOTS of them. Somewhere on line there is a site called something like" what is on where" or "festivals" and lists all of them. The people at slowtalk or Fodors forum should be able to point you to it if you can not find it by googling.

Dominique- Cool! So glad that you got to spend time there. Did you see my next post on the Guggenheim? Sounds like we had a similar reaction!

Rene- Oh that sounds like fun and a great memory! I love those kind of spontaneous moments in travel.

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