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June 10, 2009

Roman Chariot race,Puy du Fou, France, Theme Park, Roman Chariot race

The spectacular Puy du Fou theme park is one of the best family travel gems in France with outstanding shows that educate and entertain and puts  Disney to shame. We were absolutely blown away by the quality of the shows and can not recommend it high enough. 

The chariot race in this photo took place in a coliseum and they were going fast! They even had live lions and tigers and was so well done that  it totally allows kids to get a real feel for history coming alive. I've been to lots of places and have never seen it done better. The falcon and birds of prey show was mind blowing
(and we used a little  of that footage in our Harry Potter video).

We will be writing more about this terrific place soon, but wanted to get a taste of it up, in case any one is planning a trip to France soon.

I also have been working on a Question and Answer post for the last several days which I planned to post today. It was loaded with great links which perhaps was too much for my very tempermental wifi here at our Barcelona campground because I lost it all a few hours ago when I tried to upload it. Ugh. Thus, I decided to put this post up to at least have something up this week. I'll get back to that after I cool down over the loss.

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Kim-Marie Evans

Where is this theme park? Am headed to France with 4 kids, looks fabulous...

Alex Berger

Wow, next time I'm in France this is definitely on my must see list. I'm a huge fan of our local Renaissance festival and this looks like a similar experience but far more engaging! Real animals? AWESOME!

Amy @ The Q Family

That looks like a fun show. Is this theme park near Paris? We plan to visit there soon so maybe we can do a daytrip?


That's great to know. I ll be sure to tell my sister who will be traveling to Paris this summer with her kids and they are at that age where they are very curious about things. good tip!


Kim-Marie Evans- it's in the Vendée region. I always try to give that info and it is in the links here that give the details including their site, a review, and wikipedia. Don't miss it, you'll love it!

Alex Berger- Do that! It is truly fabulous, the birds of prey, horsemanship, viking show are all tremendous besides the gladiator show.

Amy- I'm not sure, but I don't think it can be done as a daytrip from Paris. It is absolutely worth doing whatever it takes to get there though. A friend who'd been there raved about it to me, and I thought it could not be as great as she said, but it was better!!

Lilliy- Cool! It is the 2nd most visited site in France, so there must be some way to get there as most of the people there are French.

Bridget Smith

What an amazing picture. A theme park, with such rich historical entertainment would be worth a visit!


Nice picture. Looks like this theme park has some a variety of attractions, ancient games to modern things. Carefully thought out, must have been worth it.
Was it expensive?


This looks great. We visit France every year, but because my parents have a house we've always been to the same area, Provence. They are just in the process of selling it, so we'll definitely explore a different part of France next time.


This looks like a great way to "make history come alive"!


Yea, looks like the names are being hypelinked a again in comments & Typepad fixed that bug! Thanks all for your patience.

Bridget- It truly is an amazing theme park, the BEST that we have ever seen. I'll have more pics & words about it soon!

Cate- The absolutely stunning nothing you have ever seen...are what makes it truly spectacular.Like all theme parks it is not cheap, but prices vary by time of year. I see on their website ( that I linked to above) it is 18 euros right now. They also have different deals like most theme parks, but I think it was a bargain at any price and well worth the money.

Victoria - You'll absolutely love it and it's in an area rather close to UK ( much closer than Provence). The educational value is outstanding!

Dominique- Yes, they do a spectacular job of making history come alive and you will see that more soon in coming stories here. Just the level of horsemanship and falconry was mind blowing not to mention the architecture and pyrotechnics etc!!

This amazing chariot race was just a small part of the coliseum gladiator show. We were so impressed!


Just happened upon your blog and I am thoroughly intrigued. I have actually thought about doing the same thing with my daughter.

Like yours, she is advanced for her age, and will probably be better off home-schooled. But the challenge for me is how to pay the bills. Nevertheless, it is something I am looking into.

Please keep the great posts coming!


Great post and great blog in general! I gave you a One Lovely Blog Award:


this is so cool! you seem to find the best places to explore. that first photo is fantastic.

Alastair Humphreys

I came across your blog through the Lonely Planet winners list - well
done! Fantastic achievement.

travel montenegro

I adore France, I can hardly wait to visit. Would like to visit the vineyards of France, I think are very interesting

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