Best Playground in Europe?

July 15, 2009


We run into so many amazing playgrounds in Europe, that it is hard to pick one as the best, but this large one next to the Museo Guggenheim is certainly at the top of the list. The one in the Paris in the Bois du Bologne also stands out, along with the one in Salzburg ( with an amazing zipline), Lyons and Hallstatt ( due to the fairy tale location and amongst kids in Bavarian costumes).


 We plan to do a video montage about them and create a list one of these days before we leave Europe. Ah, so many great ideas to share, so little time while we travel. Eventually, we get to it. We are off to Italy now, so who knows when or where we will have free wifi again. I will be pre-posting some things so that I don't have to worry about it.


In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of Mozart's fun day after the museum and the sunset that greeted us as we returned to our RV at the nearby beach.  I think every museum should have  a great park and playground next to it, don't you? 









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Amy @ The Q Family

I agree. All museums should have playground for kids. :) Look like she had a blast!


Wow! Looks like Mozart is having fun. I'm sure I'd myself enjoy playing over there.
I've been to the Bois de Boulogne near Paris before having my kid and I still remember kids having fun in front of a set of mirrors.
I'd like to see the images you put in the video!


That looks like it was designed and built by the same people who updated the Children's Playground in Golden Gate Park, San Francisco. If you could see the new De Young from the playground, it would also have the interesting architecture. We must go to Bilbao and compare.


Amy- wouldn't that be great?!?

Monica- Thanks, that is a great one! We have sooo many images from playgrounds that it will be hard to pick!

Meg- Sounds cool & you must! ;)


Would love to hear more about your favourite playgrounds around the world!
I recognise the equipment there at the Guggenheim as it's the same as at nearby playgrounds here in Northwest England.
Did you go to Broadway when you were in the Cotswalds, that has a GREAT activity area?

Tanya Armstrong

I am so glad that I ran into your blog. We have 4 kids and are living in Barcelona. We are always on the lookout for great playgrounds. I think our favourite so far is Parc de Gulliver in Valencia.

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