7 Best Reasons To Travel Cinque Terre!

July 22, 2009



Why should families travel to Cinque Terra, Italy and vacation there? Let me count the ways! We are here now and I could give you a hundred reasons, but we want to go out and play some more in this gorgeous environment, so I will just confine myself to a brief post with just 7 top reasons. I will be writing more about our time here soon with lots of detail information and tons of fantastic photos, but wanted to give you a taste of all the fun and beauty!

It is a Unesco World Heritage Site!


The Beaches!


The Food!


It is Beautiful!


It is So Italian!



Walking the trails between the 5 beautiful villages and high above. One is easy enough to do with a stroller!


The Wine, Grapes and Vineyards!



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We visited in 2006 and it is definitely one of my most favorite places we've been yet. Your photos are amazing! Keep enjoying the Italian sun (and food and views and sights) and keep making memories with your daughter. Waving to you from Vienna!


Jet Set Life

Magnificent photos! I'd keep in mind this great option for our next video shoot. I'm sure my readers would agree.

Jen Laceda

This is ab-soul-lutely gorgeous!! I want to be there!!! It is mind-blowing how beautiful it is!! Thanks for sharing your photos!


One of the best places in the world! My now husband proposed in between two towns. Amazing place, hoping to take my family back soon. Your pictures reminded me of our trip and how much I love that place. Thanks!

cinque terre

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Heather Dugan "Footsteps"

This is a trip I've longed to do for a few years now. Soon! I'm looking forward to your next posts!


Beautiful pictures! You remind me of my trip to the Mediterranean, oh so long ago.


Kerry- It is hard to beat parts of the Italian Riviera, isn't it? Hard to leave, but we will see you soon in Vienna!

Jetset- Thanks! We got a ton of fabulous video here and sooo many stunning photos. Hard to miss here, beauty every where!

Jen- Thanks so much! It is a stunning area, you must come soon! ( But not in August, though July has been amazingly uncrowded this year). I am tempted to return next May or June for a month or two.

Leslie- What a romantic place for a proposal! Lucky you! Easy to love, isn't it?

Cinque Terre- Got it!

Heather- Yes, it has been on my list for a while too. I'll have lots of info and tons of photo/vids as soon as I can.

Nora- Thanks! We love the Med!

Mama Bird

Cinque Terre has always been on my "fave places I've visited" list and these beautiful photos have moved it up to the top of the "want to go back to" list!

I can't wait until we get into a position to take our boys to places like this.

Your site is inspiring and makes me want to work that much harder towards our goals of more flexibility for travel.

Eat some gellato on the beach for me! Bliss.


We have just returned from Cinque Terre,Portofino and Viareggio and we loved!It was our 10 th visit to Italy and we will go again in Winter for skiing.The beauty of Italy never ends!
Your photos are fantastic!


That's true! Cinqueterre is lovely. One of those places where you can come back many times and always feel the same pleasure. Another nice place close to Cinqueterre which I would advise to visit is Camogli, with its beaches, coloured traditional houses and the beautiful hikes at Monte di Portofino.



William Wallace

Looks like a great place to visit, however the beaches look way to crowded for my liking. I guess living in Barbados for 9 months, where the beaches are never too crowded has spoilt me...

Colleen Lanin at Travel Mamas

Oh my word! How beautiful is that?! I've been to nearby Lerici & LOVED it! Now, I must go to the Cinque Terre too!

P.S. Love the photo of your daughter eating spaghetti!

Annette Renee White

Thanks for sharing your experiences! I just booked my flight to Florence and am planning my trip to Tuscany & Cinque Terre. I can't wait! Here's what my itinerary looks like so far:

Nancie (Ladyexpat)

I do love Italy, and should the Euro have go down I will go back. These are beautiful photographs. I understand why you fell in love with it all.
On my "must see list".

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