Best Beach Restaurants On Costa Del Sol!

July 20, 2009

Benalmadena Costa area near Puerto Marina ,Fuengirola, Costa Del Sol

We had one of our best meals in Europe before we left Andalusia, Spain and wanted to share it with you as quite a few asked when I mentioned it on Twitter. Are you heading to the Benalmadena Costa area near Puerto Marina going towards Fuengirola? I know two places that you will love! They are right on the sea with beautiful beach views. Great food at great prices too!


We are on the Italian Riviera now, but it is also almost high season in the Costa Del Sol in sunny Spain where these restaurants are located. It was one of our last meals before leaving our beloved winter home, but I can still drool with happy memories over our delicious meal there.


I must admit I am a little prejudice perhaps because dear friends of ours (that we met online and have become so close to in Spain that we call them our "Spanish Guardian Angels")  are part owners. But I would never recommend it if it was not exceptional and a great value. I am not the only one either, I googled and found that others have just stumbled upon them during their holidays in the area and left glowing reports on Trip Advisor. My friends do not even know I am writing this.


The restaurants are named "El Ventisquero" and "Brasserie L'Abbaye" and they are next to Puerto Marina going towards Fuengirola, right on the sea walk facing the lovely Mediterranean. I knew it would be good because my friend is half Italian and an amazing cook. She is not the cook at the restaurant, but when someone cooks that good, you know they will demand a high standard from their restaurant.


She is also originally from Argentina ( and he is from Cordoba, the gastronomic capital of Andalusia) as are some of the other owners. One great advantage of that connection is wonderful beef. Most of the beef that we have had in Spain is inedible and tastes more like cardboard than anything else. We eat mostly like vegans, but once in a while, DaVinci craves a good piece of beef or steak and we never found it in Spain, until we ate it here. Yep, you guessed it, the beef is not from Spain, but from Argentina. ( Don't get me wrong, we love the food in Spain, it is just the beef that has been so disappointing).


We had a huge generous portion of grilled meats including beef, chicken, lamb and veal. We had 3 kids with us so we also got two pizzas, one with goat cheeze and one vegetarian. Both were wonderful and I think the goat cheeze one was the best I ever had.The salad was also great and typical Spanish and we had some scrumptious appetizers.


The deserts are hand made daily by one of the owners and they were outstanding. We ordered a bunch because we could not decide and this way we could all taste some of each. It was the kind of meal where you eat too much because it was all too good to resist. While we ate a talented guitar player came by and sang which added to the holiday ambiance.


If you are in this area, don't mss these great restaurants and tell them that Soultravelers3 sent you! Good food, good people, good views, good value!





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I was recently in the south of Spain in Mijas-Costa. Gorgeous! I have to say, the most memorable time was at a little cafe on the cliff of Ronda. The view could not be beat actually on the side of the cliff over looking the entire valley, and the food/sangria were the best of the entire trip. I didn't get the name of the restaurant, but it is right on the cliff behind a beautiful glass building right by the big bronze bull.


This looks like a fabulous place! have inspired our family...we are in the process of moving to NEW ZEALAND! Seeing the adventures you have as a family has shown us that we don't HAVE to stay where our feet are planted...that the world is full of possibilities, and we are embarking on our NZ adventure once our house sells!!! So thank you for sharing your stories... :)

Jet Set Life

You have truly captured the beauty of the place. I will make sure to pass this along to my readers. Thanks for the information.


Justin- that sounds like the Pardor there in Rhonda! We had a fab lunch there when our family visited. Is this the place?

There are sooo many great restaurants in Spain!!

Happy Campers- That is so exciting! I am so happy to hear that we have inspired you! Maybe we can meet when we make our way to New Zealand!

Thx Jetsetlife. Funny, but you always sound a little like a computer with the same comment! ;)


Hi everyone, my name is Bobby and I used to work here in 2007/2008 as a Waiter/bar tender, I'm astonished to see these photos, I miss working there so much and want to return to work there next year :)

12ft Trampolines

I love this area, recently got back from Fuengirola, best holiday I've ever had.

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