Family Travel Photo- Finland

July 22, 2009

Aland islands Finland specialty pancake

Yum! Who knew one has to go all the way to Finland to discover the best pancakes in the world? These scrumptious and unique thick, square pancakes are a specialty in the Aland Islands of Finland. We had them last summer and my mouth still waters at the thought of them. It is almost like a very moist cake made with rice or semolina and served with whipped cream and jam.

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Jen Laceda

Yum, what are these pancakes called locally? Just, pancakes?


I don't suppose you managed to acquire a recipe while you were there.....?


Not even a Finn would call Finnish pancakes best in the world!



Jen Laceda- I can't remember what they called them, but the word for pancakes in Swedish is very similar to the English one.

Nora- Ha! I didn't even think of that!

Merja- That is because Finns & Scandinavians are much too modest about everything & that is part of the culture. I have had pancakes around the world, & I declare these the very best!! LOL! When you have things regularly, I don't think you see it the same as someone traveling.

Sometimes what locals think it the very best, tastes horrible to us, but these pancakes are suppose to be famous for this area & we thought they were scrumptious and the best we ever had!


Hmm. I don't know what they call pancakes in Åland where most Finns speak Swedish, but in mainland Finland one local name for them is "ropsu". Pancake is "pannukakku" in Finnish. :-)

They are quite easy to make...

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