Food Shopping San Sebastian

July 29, 2009


Yowser! They eat some really strange food in Europe, so food shopping can be very entertaining. What is that, cow nostrils? Yum. San Sebastian is know to be a center of Basque gastronomy, but perhaps we are not sophisticated enough to fully appreciate the wonders. You can imagine the reaction 7 year old  Mozart was having to such things.


Some how these sights always bring back memories of a favorite film "Babettes Feast". I love how they display food in Europe and it was fun watching the locals shop. You really do not want to miss the delights of the food markets in San Sebastian...the good, the bad and the ugly. Luckily, most of it falls in the good category.











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Jet Set Life

I am amazed with the photos! Great post! I'd be sure to pass this along to my readers.


Oh my...cheese is my favorite food in the world...that case of cheese made me hungry!

And those glorious fruits & veggies? Wonderful pictures!

Now the snouts, feet, & tounge...that is a bit more than my tasetbuds could handle!

Hubby & I were just having a similar conversation this morning (although I'm sure not quite the same idea), about how food in New Zealand will be different that what we find in the US, as it is highly influenced by the English. Should prove interesting when trying to make my "tried & true recipes"....

Mama Bird

Oh my, some of that is just wrong, wrong, wrong! Of course, having said that, food shopping in other countries is one of my favorite things to do when I'm there. It's like a little window into their culture that you otherwise wouldn't get to see. I especially love the cookie and candy aisles. We have bought many gifts for others in the supermarket since we prefer gifts people can use or eat or drink. It's fun trying new things! It's also much cheaper than getting something from a touristy area or shop.

Heather Dugan "Footsteps"

Oh my. I think I'd have a difficult time with the recognizable body parts. It would be fascinating to wander through those markets, though!


I've been reading your blog for a few months now. I went back to the beginning and read every single post. It's been sort of like reading a riviting book. I can't stop reading! Thanks so much for creating this awesome site. I'm an unschooling mom of three year old boy/girl twins and am a huge believer in real life experiences as education. We have already taken the kids to the Carribbean and several different states and are heading off to the Grand Cayman Island next month. We plan to do much, much more travel with the kids. Thanks so much for being an inspiration for travelling with kids and showing how much life can teach us. I especially enjoy the book titles your daughter has enjoyed. At only three, my kids had already enjoyed some of your suggestions (particularly the books on art, which they adore). I look eagerly each week to your updates.


Wow! It's enough to make an American want to become a vegetarian. I recognized the chicken feet - my father is a professor based in Hong Kong right now...they eat those there too! I agree wholeheartedly with your comment - YOWSER!


I absolutely love your pictures. They remind me of my two years in Spain. I always would bring my family and friends to the "Museos de Jamon." The love for the pig and all parts is evident in all of Spain's tapas bars, markets, etc.
Love the post! And, BTW, the younger that kids see strange food the lesser their aversion to all food types.
Ms Traveling Pants

Trekaroo - LiLing

Dude, those cow nostrils are really weird. I'm Chinese and I've seen some pretty strange foods at the dinner table, but man those cow nostrils were quite something. Visiting markets in different countries and oogling at all the local delicacies and fruit is definitely one of my favorite things to do. Markets have "life" happening right there.

Feeling cooped up here in the US....need to start planning for trip overseas with the kiddos soon.


I think it's great that nothing goes to waste. In my opinion it's criminal to kill a chicken, say, then just eat the breasts. If you eat meat, as I do, then I think you should use all of it and not waste food. Food wastage not only means an animal dying in vain, it's also one if the biggest contributors to global warming. One of the best restaurants in London specialises in offal. Rant over! I also love markets. Great post!

Alex Fayle

The black Tolosa beans are great with chorizo.

Ever since moving to San Sebastian, I've totally expanded my range of foods.

Fortunately even though many of the restaurants are expensive, the culture of experimentation reaches down to even the less expensive places.

Theodora (Travels with a Nine Year Old)

Cow nostrils are a delicacy in rural Cambodia. Particularly the bit one scoops out of the inside, apparently...

Believe it or not, pig's trotters are great when beautifully prepared. But, yeah, I guess the cheese looks one hell of a lot more appetising...


Not exactly my ideas of comfort foods...

I just love the variety and learning about differing customs. Thanks for sharing!


love the blog .. (also have acorns) fruit delectable .. displays .. tastes are so varied .. have tried pigs feet in lentil pea soups very nourishing .. great sharing all that you see .. Love Lib xx

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