Seaside Resort San Sebastian

July 21, 2009


Everyone raves about San Sebastian (called Donostia in Basque language) and some call it the prettiest city in SpainEurope or even the world.  I can't really agree with that and in fact we found it a bit disappointing at first as it did not seem to live up to the hype. We met some other folks who had the same impression, but they said it grows on you and indeed it did with us too.


It did not help that our GPS brought us to the campsite on a back road that was one of the scariest one way mountainous roads we have been on. Camping Igueldo was an okay campground, attractive and clean, but nothing thrilling. We find so many wonderful ones that I suppose we get a big spoiled. There was not even a pool which was pretty shocking, but it was just 4 kilometers to San Sebastian with a local bus stop just outside the campsite. We were not about to go back the way we came in, so we were happy to discover there was a much easier way to arrive and depart.


I think it was the food that won us over with San Sebastian. It is funny how some places like the Guggenheim or Pont du Gard still impress despite having seen lots of pictures, plus repeatedly hearing and reading glowing reports.... and some just don't. San Sebastian is one that made us go " is that all there is" and felt disappointing, despite it being many people's darling. It's not like a city, but  is a very, very European resort and kind of sterile. We are not really fond of resorts, we prefer stunning medieval villages like Santillana or Eze. We found Seville and Santillana much more beautiful and charming.


Still, after a bit, it began to grow on us. The longer we stayed, the more we ate, we started to see why people fall in love with it. La Concha promenade or the beach were not my cup of tea, but they do have their own seaside charm. Thankfully we were there in June when the weather is good ( it has cold,  rainy winters) but the crowds have not arrived yet ( the entire Spanish government moves from Madrid to San Sebastian in July and August).


What do you think? Are you a fan or foe of San Sebastian? Looking back at our pictures, I think it looks quite pretty, of course we always try to take pictures of the prettiest parts. Perhaps it is me, Barcelona had to grow on me too. Sometimes I just take a little while to let go of my fantasy expectations & see the beauty in front of me.








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Jen Laceda

It's absolutely fantastic that M is having such a rich life.


Jen Laceda- Thanks so much, we do feel blessed that she gets to experience so much!

rv parks

this is called life and camping. as one don't know what will happen when you visit the new rv park, if u have not read reviews about it or don't ask ur family or friends about it.


rv- Yes, it is quite a different story when one is RVing in MANY different countries when you do not speak the language or know anyone who lives there.

Camping in Europe is a TOTALLY different experience than camping in America...I've done both & once did a 6month camping trip around the US.

Sometimes you don't have that much choice, but it is all good. If not ( & that is VERY rare) one just moves onto the next one. ;)

rv parks

not a big issue. as being a rv campers, one should be ready for all kind of experiences in life. and in life not the good happen all the time, so we should be prepared to face the worse too.

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