Family Travel Photo - Norway

August 26, 2009

Family Travel Photo - Norway Bergen Fish Market Fresh Salmon

Have you ever tried smoked whale? Family travel is sometimes about trying new foods in exciting places and the colorful fish market in Bergen, Norway did not disappoint! We splurged on some scrumptious natural smoked salmon and tasted the whale, but decided a taste was more than enough for us.

Norway is the most expensive country in Europe, but it is possible to do on a small  budget. It is a beautiful country and the fjords are spectacular, so well worth seeing. Bergen is one of the prettiest small cities in Europe and the fish market is a popular spot. This fellow was very friendly and we took our goodies and had a divine picnic nearby, charmed by the sailboats in the harbor and lovely architecture. 

We'll be writing more about our travels in Norway from last summer, but thought this "taste" would suffice for those waiting. What is the oddest thing you have eaten while traveling? Whale and ox tail are near the top of our list.

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Hmmm...probably alligator and a host other things I can't recall.


Welcome to Trondheim next time you come to Norway :-)

Donna Davison

Sun dried monkey meat. It does not taste like chicken.


Let's see...for me it was probably dried, salted crickets (grasshoppers?). Didn't taste like much. mostly crunchy, salty, and cruumbly!


I live in Bergen, and have had perhaps the very same whale meat.

You can also buy shark in Bergen, but it's not really worth the money: it's not really a taste experience. Love the whale, though. Very gamey.

The most exotic thing I've ever tasted was also bought in Bergen: Zebra meat.


Can't say that I've ever had smoked whale. Now whale is a local staple, but they don't smoke it in Eskimo country. Somehow I doubt the smoke would quite make the difference for me. I too thought a taste was more than enough. :(

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