Family Travel Photo-Wales

August 25, 2009


Ideally set on the banks of a river, this mighty Norman castle  is one of the most impressive in Wales. We found it the perfect spot to do a violin vignette with Mozart in Wales. Don't you agree? Just look at all that green!

 Last summer we spent extended time in all four British Isles and we arrived on Welsh shores via a ferry from Ireland. We had hoped to visit one of Mozart's favorite friends from Spain who had moved back to her native Wales, but alas, since we can't plan ahead very easily, it turned out that she was on holiday when we made it to Wales. Her Grandparents still live in our village, so we will just have to see her in Spain instead.

For it's size, Wales has more medieval castles than anywhere else in the world, almost 500. Did you know that? They were in a position where they had to do lots of defending. This castle is a great place for an outing!

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