Family Travel Photo - Austria

September 18, 2009


 Joy! It is really what family travel is about, isn't it? Don't forget that no matter where you are on your travels to allow for some spontaneous fun that your child initiates!

This was taken on a very hot August day after we had been touring the Melk Abbey where we started early in the morning to have it totally to ourselves the first hour. After a late lunch at the restaurant on the grounds, we decided to explore the gardens, when 8 year old Mozart saw the sprinklers on and begged to play in them. Not many people were around, so we said go ahead, although we had no idea that she would get this carried away.

It was so hot and she looked like she was having so much fun, that she started a trend. First a few German speaking kids, then two young women from Asia, Then an Italian speaking woman and her child and even I joined in!

Joy is contagious, make sure you grab  yours today! Children are definitely our teachers in this realm as they have not forgotten the importance of play!

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Valerie Reilly

Mozart? Isn't that a hard name to live up to?
Cute pix.


I love this photo! She looks like a graceful dancer. Your family is magnificent!


How fun! Yes, joy is contagiousl


How happy she looks! Spontaneous moments really make for some of the best travel experiences.

I read about your injury by the way. Sorry to hear. I wish you a speedy recovery!


That picture looks so joyous and fun and I love that the adults joined in!

Amy Savage

I love this article, what a great resource for first time parents on the road with their kids! This article encourages me to take my family to Austria! Can't wait to read more!


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