Family Travel Photo - England

September 01, 2009

Family Travel Photo - England Cotswolds, Church, Heart of England

Have you been to the "Heart of England"? The Cotswolds are not to be missed on a family trip to England!  I had been to London about twenty times before I discovered the nearby enchanting Cotswolds that the English call the "Heart of England".

What an eye opener and the moniker  is very apt. It is so close to London, yet a totally different world filled with flowers galore, picture postcard perfect ancient architecture, clomping horses, sheep and fairytale-like, golden- stoned thatched roof houses.

 It is a gorgeous and enchanting area where a delicious delight lies around every nook and corner. Each town is cuter than the next and there are wonderful hikes in the luscious green countryside.  I hear it gets crowded in the summer, so the fall and spring is the best time , but we did not find it that crowded last summer. We saw it in September the first time and found the weather was even better then than in summer, but one always needs an umbrella handy anywhere and any time  in the British Isles ( and much of northern Europe).

We had been so impressed by our time in the Cotswolds as a couple years ago, that we knew we had to take Mozart. She enjoyed it as much as we did. We will be writing more about our time in this idyllic spot, but sharing this for now-  a sweet church that we stumbled upon while wandering around in a tiny village.

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Wow, beautiful picture. It seems like I need to go there soon :)

I love this sort of cute towns and if there's the opportunity to hike, then it might be a great place to visit.

PD: I'd love to see little Mozart playing with this landscape on the background.


It's so funny that you should post this today. Check out my blog post tomorrow.

Jet Set Life

You did an amazing job on the photo! So beautiful and vivid that I would want to go England this very minute! I'm sure my readers would agree. Thanks!

Alf Welch

Happy memories of the Cotswolds for me. Church photo is superb.
Not been back to my birthplace since 1983.

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