Family Travel Photo - Norway

September 15, 2009


Nothing beats parks filled with great art for easy education during family travel! Our eight year old, loved this statue and park. It is hard not to be moved by this joyful sculpture of mother and child in Oslo's famous Vigeland Park which is filled with over 200 statues by one artist with beautiful flowers, greenery and fountains all around. Gustave Vigeland is the creator and the best known sculptor in Norway.

Like this one, most of the statues are nudes doing typical human activity like hugging, running or playing. Mozart ran from one to the next and liked to touch them. Sometimes we would make the same pose. There is also a big playground next to it, so lots to love here for families. We preferred the Fjords and Norway countryside, to Oslo, but this park and other urban explorations allowed us to enjoy the city too.

We enjoyed all of Scandinavia immensely. I don't think I would enjoy their winters, but we were there last  August and September which is an ideal time. We will be writing more details about our travels there soon. Have you been to Oslo or another city park where the statues touched you?

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Norwegian winters are bleak. You are right to assume you would not enjoy them.

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