Family Travel Photo - NYC, USA

September 08, 2009

Family Travel Photo - NYC, USA , Metropolitan Museum of Art, Egyptian

Family travel is often about doing ordinary things in extraordinary places as this photo demonstrates so well! Mozart adores babies and is outgoing so always meets friends of all ages where ever she goes. When we visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC last fall while there to meet all the disadvantaged school kids that travel with us virtually, Mozart and a little Japanese toddler became instant buddies who were fascinated with each other.

It is a spectacular museum, especially the Egyptian section which we focused on to help prepare us for our trip there soon. Mozart, who has seen more than her share of ancient civilization ruins, loved it, but she also really enjoyed this special encounter with this playful child. I think both have value!

We parents all sat back and allowed them to play a little surrounded by this stunning environment. Children also help adults connect, as I am sure we never would have ended up in conversation with this lovely family had they not been attracted to one another.

Just one more reason, why I think that slow family travel is the very best travel on earth!

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You are great parents! she is surely going to treasure all those traveling moments later in life


Great place to be for when you are there (NYC around 9/11 anniversary). And great that you are doing this as a family, creating memories you'll get to share forever!

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