Family Travel Photo - Sweden

September 30, 2009

black cat in Sweden

Pets can even be a part of family travel! Seven year old Mozart took this picture of our friend's cat last summer in Sweden where we had a spectacular time staying in their cottage in the countryside. She just adored that cat and she sometimes misses our cat Desiree that ran away right before we left on our world tour.

It has been amazing  how many kittens, puppies, dogs and cats that she has found to play with, not to mention baby goats,lambs, horses,ducks cows, birds and even camels! Quite a few campgrounds even have small petting zoos as free amenity!

She also really likes using her camera and it is enlightening to get a glimpse into her world view through them. She has had her own camera since 5, but she first took pictures when she was about 2 with those throw away cameras. What age do you think is the best age to start a child interested in photography?

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Our Marta, now aged 13, has been an eager photographer during our travels. Like here in Italy:


I got my first camera when I was about nine, in the days when you bought a strip of disposable flashes. I loved it, and it started a love affair with photography that's lasted til this day. My first experience of travel photography was renting a disc camera (remember those?) in Disneyworld. I took a great picture of the underside of the newly opened Epcot centre. I think you should start as young as they are interested, as long as they will treat the camera nicely.


My daughter has been using our camera since just before she turned two. By her third birthday she took very good pictures on her own, some even looking professional, could review through pictures she wanted to see and turn the camera off and on by herself. I've started a section on my blog called Alexa's pics. If you have time, check them out.

Mozart reminds me quite a bit of my daughter, except my daughter is quite a bit more introverted and shy around others. She is three and a half now and can read pretty well. She loves to use the computer, and her favorite website is My son (her twin)is definitely more of a spatial/directional guy. He was completing 60 piece puzzles by himself a little before two and a half within five minutes. They constantly challenge me, as I can see Mozart does for you.


@Britt-Arnhild Very cool!

@Victoria Neat! I agree!

@Christina Really nice! Sounds like our kids do have a lot in common! Twins with Mozart's energy level would probably do me in! lol

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