Family Travel Photo - Finland

October 21, 2009


There is nothing like great books to enhance family travel! We loved the libraries in Scandinavia that all seem to also have a great selection of kid's books in English, which pleased seven year old Mozart to no end! This was a beautiful library  with lots of windows with gorgeous sea views in Finland in a tiny town on the Aland islands that we visited last September.

Books are the cornerstone of our homeschooling and we are regulars at book shops and libraries on our family world travels. We also use digital libraries and gear Mozart's reading to our travels. I recently wrote homeschoolong posts for Christine at  Almost Fearless and Carmen at Nunomad and one of my primary goals this winter is to do a series of posts just on roadschooling.

I have already written extensively on this topic, but realize that I must add another category for those already written so that they will all be easier to find in one section. Now onto our fourth year of blogging, finding all the relevant posts can sometimes be a challenge.

Our journey has convinced me that extended world travel combined with roadschooling, language immersion through a local school  and internet make for the best education today with the added benefit of the least cost and effort!

What specifics would you like to hear or see?

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Amy @ The Q Family

That's great! I'm looking forward to reading more on your roadschooling series.

I would be interested in how can one get started. Where do you get information or if you already have one maybe if we can see it in one post.


Looks like she is really engrossed in the book. Most people in Scandinavia start learning English early, so it's not surprising they would have a good selection of English children's books.


I'm still stuck on that awesome term.... "Roadschooling". It's quite inspiring, on many levels, and for all ages.

Marina K Villatoro

I have to be honest, I've never read you post about Roadschooling but I definetely will. I have a six year old boy and I love to travel so they might be very useful... Thanks for sharing


If you have more photos from libraries in Scandinavia (or other parts of the world for that matter), I would love to see them.

And books not only enhances family travel, but your whole life!

Sandra Foyt

I love this peek at a Scandinavian library! Lately, I've been collecting photos from Upstate NY libraries with plans to compare them. It's interesting to see how libraries appeal to their communities.


@Amy Thanks, I'm still working at getting the series up, but with just 1 arm, I'm slowed down. Great place to start is read Holt & John Taylor Gatto!

@Glennia Mozart is a voracious & fast reader, thus does much of her homeschooling on her own. Scandinavian libraries are the bomb for a hungry reader. ;)

@Lorraine It's a fun term, isn't it? I also like "world schooling".

@Marina Just like books enhance travel for adults, it's even more rewarding for kids to help them get the most out of their travels.

@Erica Thst's for sure, we're a family of booksholics so agree. Maybe I should do a post or two just on libraries, book stores & travel!

@Sandra Thanks! You're always coming up with cool ideas!

Dahl Tours and Safaris

Good with books about family travelling. I had good use of books like that when I went to Africa with my family last year.


You say that roadschooling this way makes it quite effortless, but you do seem to put a lot of effort in researching good and interesting books, programs, websites for her... Am I mistaken ? How much time does it take ?

Although I imagine that this kind of research is something you enjoy so that makes it maybe more effortless...

Also, books and such are quite expensive, and on the road you cannot use a local library like you do at home... any tips on costs ?

Finally, regarding dealing with all the questions you get, maybe the best way for you to deal with them is add them to a list as you get them, then answer them when you have time, little by little, posting all the answers on the same page so that you can direct people with questions to it.

Then have a pre-written message that you use to reply with, something like "I'll do my best to answer you question as soon as possible. Keep your eyes on this page (link) for your answer! This way everybody will benefit from this exchange. Thanks for your interest." or "I've already addressed this question, please visit this page (link) and you'll find your answer. Thanks for your interest."

Just an idea... as I see you, understandably, struggling recurrently with this issue ;-)


Gabrielle - I like your ideas for the questions and maybe I will try that. Right now, I'm trying to post ahead so that I can have many months free to enjoy our travels, so will consider this more in the winter when I have more time.

Keeping the balance of time is one of the challenges. If I had to do it all again, I'm not sure I would do the website although it has been great in so many ways. I am always "behind" because I just don't have that much time to keep up with it all. Trying to add the book & ebooks to it will add to the challenge this winter.

It is true that I really enjoy learning about education and unschooling/homeschooling things, and have a passion for it, so do not see that as work.

I seem to have natural abilities as a researcher & seem to be able to find what I want quickly.

I also tap into people and groups that discuss such things & that saves me time. I follow some very innovative people on Delicious, SU, Twitter, Nings etc, and that helps short cut things.

There are TONS of FREE great books online, so we use them a lot and also our local library online. That saves a lot of money & we buy 2nd hand books & trade them in as we go, spend much time in libraries and bookstores where we read for free. I'll do a new post soon on how we deal with books on the road.

Books ARE more challenging on the road, but if there is a will there is a way. ;)

Jessica Skelton

Visiting libraries seems like such a great idea on one's travels! And I love that you gear her studies towards where you are in the world. She is a lucky girl!

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