Family Travel Photo - Ireland

October 07, 2009

child explores Ireland Blarney stone castles, green with violin

Peeking into new world's of wonder is what family travel is about! Here seven year old Mozart explores a hidden forest behind a rock wall door in Blarney, Ireland last summer. She had just kissed the Blarney stone, we did one of her violin vignettes in front of the castle and we were off wandering around the beautiful park-like grounds.

We spent quite a bit of time in Blarney and met some great people there because our RV was rear-ended in France on our way to catch the ferry to Ireland. Luckily, we found someone there to fix it well enough to last until we returned to Spain for the winter, thus we had lots of fun getting to know this area. We also happened to run into the teacher we liked best from our gulet trip in Turkey, the summer before. He just happened to walk past us on an empty street. Small world!

I will be posting much more about our big tour all around Ireland last summer. After two and a half years of traveling the world in non-English speaking countries, it was quite a profound and surprising culture shock to finally be in our first country where English was the dominant language!

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Hi!!! We'll be in London from October 19th to the 27th. Will you still be there???


We can't afford the train/ferry to Ireland. I'm sooooooooooo disappointed we won't be visiting :(


i've been following you guys for a while now; i'm also a wanderer, having lived in 6 countries over the last 10 years. i'm headed back to spain as well in the next few weeks; i've lived in barcelona for the last 2 years, and am returning this month for at least another year. before this summer, i hadn't been in an english speaking country for 2 full years. i've spent some time in france, and i'm always traveling to the balkans where my boyfriend lives, but i never realized how absolutely COOL english was until i visited england in june. i've spent the rest of the summer in my native new york, and i still feel a kind of relief when i walk into a store or something and realize that i don't have to translate myself.

i'm sure i'll experience some shock when i'm back in europe in a few weeks, and my true english exchanges will be few and far between!!

great pics. GREAT kid! cheers...


I just love what you guys do for Mozart with your travels. I am still a solo traveler at this point but hope to maintain a similar lifestyle with my own family in the future - I was in Ireland last month and this picture just puts me right back to how green and lush it was there!

Jet Set Life

I try to follow your adventures and you can say that I'm a fan by now. Thank you for sharing such interesting posts! Good luck to everything. Once again, i'd be sure to pass this along to my readers.

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