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December 01, 2009

England cottswolds horse christmas shopping travel adventure

As the Christmas countdown begins, we remember this fun family travel moment in the "heart of England" as a man on a horse went clomping by a Bourton-on-the-Water main street. It was in August 2008, but looks very Christmas-y to me with his red shirt and since I caught him right in front of that shop!

As you know from previous posts, we love the Cotswolds and all the unique beauty and charm there. Mozart had a ball in Bourton-on-the-water navigating inside the River Windrush that flows through the center and going under and on top of the beautiful pedestrian bridges than span it.

It's often called the Venice of the Cotswolds and when I post our full story of our visit, you will understand why. We're not really much of shoppers, but thought this looked like a great way to window shop and remind you that Christmas is just around the corner!

Mozart is joyfully starting her chocolate advent calendar today, I'm putting more attention into my daily meditation and adding more exercise. What are your plans for this month?

"Christmas gift suggestions: To your enemy, forgiveness. To an opponent, tolerance. To a friend, your heart. To a customer, service. To all, charity. To every child, a good example. To yourself, respect". - Oren Arnold

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Rachel Cotterill

I love Bourton; touristy, but there's a *reason* everyone goes there ;) Don't forget to tell me next time you come to this neck of the woods.

Sandra Foyt

I like the chocolate Advent idea, but I'm being lazy about holiday traditions this year. It's just too hard to keep it reigned in, and seems easier to postpone or skip much of it altogether.

Like you, I'm adding more exercise this month, and hopefully more family outdoor excursions. Less gifts, less traditions, but more family togetherness.


This is really a wonderful blog.It is a lovely idea to have a diary of board of a family slow trip around the world. It is like following you in the narration of an adventure


We are not shoppers either...can't be when all of our stuff has to fit in the Subaru, but this year, we will be in Eugene, OR for Christmas. I think I am going to go to Goodwill and find a little tree...we haven't had one in years. We will most likely decorate it the old fashioned way...with candy canes and popcorn tinsel.


@Rachel-You are so lucky to live in the Cottswolds! We will def look you up next time we visit!

@Sandra-Oh, I like your goals! Congrats on finishing your writing project too (sorry, I forget the correct initials ;)

@Lorenzo- Thanks so much for your kind words & welcome!

@Stacie-Sounds lovely! We will get a tree here again this year..they are so cheap & quite different!


Having two three year olds makes Christmas time so much more fun! We've already done cookie baking, decorating the tree, singing endless carols and trying to decide on present ideas for family.

We have a Christmas play tomorrow in which the kids will sing two songs, next weekend is Alexa's dance recital, we want to make a gingerbread house, and I want to work on finally getting up all my posts about our summer trip to Grand Cayman on my blog! I have so many posts to catch up on, but I really love blogging and reading other people's blog's too.

Take care.

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