Happy New Year, Nochevieja from Spain!

December 31, 2009

New Year's Eve Spain Cava grapes

Family travel in Spain is stupendous because they embrace children, families and every age in their festivals and celebrations. I love how the culture includes everyone in the community during festivals from the oldest to the youngest and visitors are welcome to participate!

New Year's Eve is no exception, so we have our traditional Cava and grapes already and Mozart can hardly wait to run around the church plaza with all her friends with the dazzling fireworks and music adding to the magic.

The custom is to eat 12 grapes, one with each strike of the clock to ensure good luck, but since this is not easy to do in 12 seconds, it results in lots of laughter! A local told us the first year that peeling the grapes is an important key.

Locals and travelers alike, will be dancing flamenco and sevillanas  all night long. Our extrovert Mozart could probably stay all night, but we usually do an abbreviated stay as her parents are homebodies and introverted, so along with being a part of the fun, we like some quiet, reflective time.


Thanks for coming along with us and we so appreciate your reading and participating with us in comments here and on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. You add so much to our journey and that fills us with gratitude. On Monday we will have a fun photo review of this years travels. Have a great long week end!

How are you celebrating this New Year's Eve and what are your goals for 2010? What was your favorite travel moment this year?

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Traci Price

Happy New Year to you & your family also!! May 2010 be everything you want it to be.


@Traci Thanks so much! And the same to you and yours!

Sarah Lavender Smith

Happy new year/prospero ano nuevo to all of you. 2009 was a turning point for our family, deciding to leave our home to travel RTW, and I sincerely thank your blog for helping us have the courage and knowledge to make it happen. We spent New Year's Eve watching fireworks and full moon over Nelson, New Zealand. Can't wait to get to Costa Brava and Barcelona in a couple of months (along with Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, Greece and Turkey!). Goals for 2010 include not
giving up this lifestyle and the insight it's given us -- e.g. broader perspectives on the world, more gratitude & simplicity, more family time -- even though we have to go back home mid-year. Favorite travel moment of 2009: I'd have to say arriving in Patagonia (lake district of Argentina) and being dazzled by the environment and our circumstances,
Thanks, soultravelers3, and have a great 2010!


@Sarah- Happy New Year! Sounds like fun!!

Thanks so much for letting us know that this website inspired and gave you information that fueled your own special family journey! It's always so exciting to hear that.

Don't ever give up on the wonderful things you are learning this year! These memories & lessons will change you forever in important ways, so keep them sacred as they are unique shared experiences & memories for your family unit that will impact you all greatly from this point on.

We're really looking forward to our travel days in New Zealand and South America too!

Jen Laceda

Happy New Year to your entire vagabond family! Best Wishes for 2010 and more travels in the horizon!

Heather on her travels

Happy new year, I like the idea of grapes and Cava and Dancing, ad especially the idea of blue skies at Christmas

Sandra Foyt

Yum! Alas, no dancing around the square for us this New Year's Eve, but we enjoyed a magical night in Lake Placid. Just our immediate family, playing on the frozen lake, dodging snowflakes and snowballs.

Wishing you much Peace and Joy!


Hi family ! Feliç any nou ! Feliz año nuevo ! I just entered in your web through the 4hourweek web and get fascinated by your life. We as a family just started to enjoy travelling and family. With our little Carlota (that is so cute as Mozart ;-) only that 3 years old ! we have already been in Italy, Republica Dominicana, Hong Kong, Phillipines and last year in Bali and Singapore. We love travelling. Gabriel is now in Panama with 2 friends, mummy working in Barcelona till next holidays or maybe we jump into a longer holidays next year... see my blog -some posts are in English, other in Spanish or Catalan!-to see a Catalan family in the way to follow you ;-)) thanks for sharing your life and wish a wonderful 2010 ! Judith

Transfer Smart

Happy New Year, I could not imagine how exciting and colorful the celebration of New Years eve in Spain the grapes and the wine are always the most attraction in their celebration. Some of the transfer smart vacationers are spend sometimes New Years celebration in Spain and it was exciting according to them.

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