Family Travel Photo - Ireland

January 20, 2010

Ireland Fuschia Dingle red flower green landscape 

Family travel is enhanced by time in nature and sometimes it's a small thing like a beautiful flower that can touch your heart. We loved these Fuschia's that were all over Dingle, Ireland. Of course we loved the traditional music and have yet to tell you about our exciting musical Pub crawl here or visiting historic Blasket Island, architecture and more in this area where the Irish language (Gaeilge or Gaelainn) is widely spoken.

Those stories will come soon, but the abundant large Fuschia bushes intrigued us because we have them at home in California, but didn't expect to see them growing wild in this climate. They are not native plants, but have thrived. Hmmm, kind of reminds me of a world traveling family that I know!

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Love these flowers. I'd never seen anything quite like them until I encountered them in the Wicklows..which I guess is odd since I've traveled extensively in California. There's something about their color, shape, etc. which is just captivating! Great photo - looking forward to the stories!


@Alex Aren't they special? I've read that they were native to Chile.

In California, I don't think they are native either, but quite commonly found in shady areas as we had MANY in around our first home that was surrounded by ancient redwoods.

They are NOT usually as prolific as the huge bushes/hedges that seem to line all the roads of Dingle!!


So green (as expected!) I'll be in Ireland tomorrow but Dublin only for my first trip there. This picture has me even more excited!


Nice photo! Is that taken in January in Ireland? I wouldn't imagine flowers in January there.


"'s a small thing like a beautiful flower that can touch your heart." I totally agree. The beauty is often in the details and in the little things.

Reminds me of a song by India Arie: "It's the little things, and the joy they bring."

Transfer Smart

Thanks for the photo, I like it, the place look silent and it seems that the air is so fresh in this place. We in the transfer smart dream to be in the place one of this days.


Anil- Thanks! I hope you had a great time in Ireland!

@Carmen No this was taken in the summer ( which is as cold as the winter in Andalusia, Spain) but I hear the winters are mild. After a long summer in UK & Ireland, now I understand MUCH better why they seem so sun-starved when they come to Spain! ;)

Erica- Thanks for stopping by from Sweden! ;) It really is the little things, isn't it?

Transfer Smart- Thanks! Yes, it was a lovely spot and I have much to still post on our summer in Ireland!


Great photo! I grew up in Northern California and remember lots of Fuschia plants there! Can't wait to read about more of your travels!

Karolina O.

How beautiful!
In Peru they call these flowers "Cholitas", (A name given to the indigenous natives) because like the indigenous dancers, the flowers also wear very flamboyant colors. This flower in Peru looks like the cholitas in their colorful vestments and cultural dancing.

Jeanne @soultravelers3

How sweet! Thanks Karolina for adding that comment, I didn't know that and bet most of my readers don't either.

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