New York Times Q&A With Soultravelers3 on Frugal Traveler

February 03, 2010


The New York Times  profile of Soultravelers3 on Frugal Traveler has changed our lives! Soultravelers3  is  the subject, but "Q&A With Jeanne Dee, the Nomadic Family Traveler" is the title in this NYTimes Travel piece. Little did we know what change was in store for us.

That's not what we expected when we got that Tweet and call out of the blue from one of our favorite writers, Matt Gross. We didn't really think much about anything as it all happened so quickly while we sat in Barcelona nursing my badly injured and paralyzed arm.

My right arm will eventually heal completely, but it is still paralyzed, over five months since the accident, so just handling normal duties with just one left hand doing it all remains a challenge, not to mention the deluge that arrived via the New York Times showcase. 120 comments on the Q&A and many more to us via our blog contact page, many asking us for a book as well as literary agents and professionals in publishing .

 Nick Bowditch,Australia's Family Travel Expert, called us " pioneers in both family travel and blogging and micro-blogging about it." while choosing us as one of the tops in family travel on Twitter. We're also featured on Huffington Post  thanks to Tim Ferriss who has featured us as a Case Study in the new edition of The 4-Hour Workweek.(which I will review soon).

Bordeaux vineyards kiss digital nomad family dad & daughter & laptop pool side
Our global lifestyle design amongst the vineyards, poolside in Bordeaux, France

Indeed, we have become pioneers and trendsetters in family travel and creative lifestyle design just as technology has helped globetrotting digital nomad living to go  mainsteam. Who would have "thunk" it? We did see the housing collapse coming long before most, but never realized that our traveling global digital nomad  lifestyle would become so popular and appeal to so many.

The world has changed so much since we started our journey in 2006 and none of our popularity was ever planned. We just had fun and learned lots as we traveled and wanted to share that with others. We've enjoyed the creative process of writing, photography and making " little movie" travel videos for Youtube. But as I said in one of my first posts, timing is everything.

It all just started as a way for us to document our experience for a  memoir for our daughter and as a way to stay connected to family and friends. When National Geographic Traveler wrote about Soultravelers3  just three months into our journey and our first Youtube went viral with well over a million views, it became clear that there was more interest in what we were doing than we ever expected

I thought we were retiring when we left and had no idea how technology and social media would strongly impact our travels. I've written about it before, but it still stuns me how much we connect with others online and how much our travel 2.0 and even education 2.0 methods impact our lives and journey. Not only do we meet and bond with people in person along the way,  keep connected with family and friends at home, but part of our travel social life is online where we have daily conversations with people from around the world!

Costa Brava, Spain, girl on cliff, beach and boats
On a precipice in Costa Brava, Spain

I can't help but feel a bit like an accidental tourist  in all of this as we find ourselves on yet another precipice. From the start, people have regularly asked us for a book, and friends and family have been telling me to write a book my whole life. I must admit that I have been procrastinating on this because being an author was never on my bucket list and we were just too busy having fun traveling. 

I have had mixed feelings about it because it's rather intimidating just by the amount of work that it entails and I've worried some about protecting Mozart's privacy. Yet, I have also become passionate about letting others know that long term travel is easier, cheaper and more rewarding than most know. We didn't know that  when we began, so want others to know about this option that is available to all. Just by  living our dream, we have gathered information and stories that are unique, inspiring and badly needed in these economic times.

Thus, when the right literary agent came to us via our New York Times interview, it seemed a book was the next logical step! After months of discussion, much thought and negotiations with her and others, we've decided to take this new leap of faith. I've already written a few books worth of words on this blog, but it is impossible to tell all in a website.The time seems right to do this, despite my just having one left hand to type and I have gotten some voice recognition software to meet that challenge.

I have also just become a writer for the Huffington Post which is very exciting! You can find our first post about the travel lifestyle and education, here. Please fan and friend us there and write comments as that is a big part of the Huffpost social news today, Yet another wonderful place to find our tribe and community!

The book process takes a while, so I am also going to be getting up some new e-books quickly here on Soultravelers3  for those that have been patiently waiting and asking for them. I have a wonderful writer friend that will be helping me organize things as I want to get them out as soon as possible while we have this winter break. While we are in the creation mode with these projects I'd love any feedback about what you most want to hear from us. Leave them in the comments!

Girl jumping in pool like angel, Spain

Like Mozart leaping into the cold water in our pool, we joyfully and gratefully take this leap and will see where it will lead us. We hope we have angel wings supporting us through this new phase of change!

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Margaret S.

It seems to me a lesson to learn about your arm that a disability is not an excuse not to pursue one's dreams! You never know whom you might inspire! (And hopefully your arm will be fine in due course.)


Margaret- So true! But it's strange because I have 24 comments on this post, but some how yours seems to show up here all by itself...which is very confusing. Typepad is so weird sometimes.

Glad for your thoughts but wonder why it's not on the same page as the others... which looks identical to this page.

India Packages

As someone who has followed your blog for a long time, its nice to see you realizing how inspirational you are and how much you have to offer to others.

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