Family Travel Photo - Ireland

March 17, 2010


Family travel sometimes means learning about one's cultural heritage through travel by walking or biking  the land and connecting with the people and the traditional ways. Mozart and I are part Irish, so we really enjoyed exploring all around Ireland, summer before last. ( Still have many photos and stories to share on that tour). We were surprised to find out  it is colder in Ireland in the summer than Spain in the winter, (which is also part of Mozart's heritage as she is a mongrel like most Americans).

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, we thought we'd share this photo from the Ring of Kerry in Killarney National Park where they have traditional farms and gardens at the 19th century Muckross House that is like an open air museum with natives reenacting the lifestyle. We loved it! This is one of the farmers who passed us by as we wandered the green fields and traditional farm houses.

"Lá Fhéile Pádraig sona daoibh"

That is how you say, "Happy St. Patrick's Day" in Irish Gaelic and what we wish for all of you! Everybody is Irish today, after all. It's a warm, sunny, beach day here in Spain, but we remember the fun we had and celebrate with a bit of green!

"St. Patrick's Day is an enchanted time - a day to begin transforming winter's dreams into summer's magic." Cook

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Nomadic Chick

Talk about stepping back in time. I hate to use the word "quaint", but it is. :)


Nomadic Chick Thanks! Yes, it really was like stepping back in time and we really enjoyed the people and place. Really captures the essence and charm of old Ireland.


Oh how my heart aches to be in Ireland again! Feels like home.

House Mother

We moved from Florida to Ireland for a year (or more) and most people here just scratch their heads and say 'it can't be for the weather...?' But Ireland has lots of other charms.

Thanks for all the very useful and inspiring information on your blog.

Happy travels.


I love reading about other families who have cut loose, realizing that retirement is "backwards," do it the slow travel way, and experience life. We are currently in Guatemala and loving it. The kids don't always love it, but the grass is always greener and these experiences will enrich them forever (so says mom!)

Hotel Bedding

Really great photo - I hope you all had a wonderful St. Patty's day :)


Hi! I just found your blog through another reader. I am looking forward to browsing through it!

We are also a homeschooling family of 3 and we love to travel as part of "our" education, but on a much smaller scale than you. :-) We were in Ireland last summer, and it is also a home to our ancestors.

We also just got back from San Francisco/Monterey Bay on Sunday - your neck of the woods! And, we are now busy planning our next trip to NM.

Enjoy your adventures and I can't wait to read more!


Dana- Welcome to our blog! I'm so glad that you found us!! Yes, family travel really is so awesome and homeschoolers really get to enjoy that without limits! Ireland, SF & NM are 3 great places we love!


Family travel photos are very sensitive to my heart. When I see them I remember about my childhood days and my grand pa that loves me more..

rich@huntingdon bed and breakfasts

by where I live in Staffordshire in England, we still see some farmers trundling around with horses.It's brilliant,very nice to see


I had a wonderful time during my visit in Ireland, this brought back some great memories!

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