BBC World News Featured Soultravelers3!

May 31, 2010

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Much to our surprise, this week our Soultravelers3's first viral Youtube travel video was featured around the world thanks to the awesome BBC News! Friends in France, Australia, Georgia ( near Russia), Africa, UK and more kept seeing it during a travel segment on the BBC World news and telling us about it via Twitter, our Soultravelers3 Facebook Page and many emails from our contact page

I am still stunned by the people who find us like the Frugal Traveler in the New York Times, or getting labeled as "travel guru's" in the UK Guardian and now this! We wanted to see it too and put it here on our Soultravelers3 website, but couldn't find it at first. Luckily, someone let us know with the link. Our 9 year old was especially excited because she has lots of British friends who always watch the BBC and she is the star and loves to keep track of our signature travel video,  Where in Heaven is Mozart and it's over 1.2 million views. We had no idea it would become so popular when we made it as mostly a special souvenir for her to remember our family travels around the world. 

It's on a show called BBC's Fast Track Travel Program starring beautiful, clever and charming Carmen Roberts The tag line of the show is "Online Check-in the Fast Track guide to all that's weird and wonderful in travel on the web" so definitely fun to be included!

Our part doesn't start until the end of the show at 3.31 minute mark,  if you are in a hurry and want to zip and see that first. Carmen called us a cross between Matt Harding and "Little Miss Sunshine" (which Mozart got a kick out of) and told how we travel the world on just 25,000 dollars a year. Here is our whole original video from Youtube:

We DO have the next part of that world traveling montage video series ready now with many more countries featured as we have covered 32 countries, 175,000 miles and 4 continents since we did that one. But between writing our book and traveling, we haven't gotten it up yet, but will soon!

Watch fast:track on the BBC World News channel on Fridays at 2230 GMT, Saturdays at 1230 and 1830 GMT or Sundays at 0730 GMT.

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How cool is that?! :) Congrats guys!


This is just lovely Jeanne :-)

Have you stated your trip yet? Good luck and God bless! I am packing for a week further up north in Norway, worktrip with the bishop but time for a lot of sightseeing as well. I am looking forward to Saturday, then we will go out on a snmall fishing boat for the day.


Hello BBC buddies! By any chance would you be planning on wanting to adopt a soon to be 26 year old traveler? haha I try to travel in little spurts but haven't covered anywhere near as much of the globe as you all have! :)
Congrats on the video going viral! Hopefully someday maybe my little Copenhagen video posted in that BBC segment with you will! :)
Safe travels!


Lola- Thanks so much! We thought it was pretty cool! ;)

Britt- Thanks a bunch! We were suppose to leave this morning, but Mozart had a high fever last night out of the blue & we were all awake most of the night. She seems better today, but still a bit under the weather, so we thought we'd stay one more day, which also allowed me to get this post up! ;) Sounds like you have a great adventure ahead this week. We'll be unplugged a bit, but I have another post coming on Wednesday. ;)

Jen Laceda

Absolutely fascinating!! Congrats on the BBC headliner!


Cailin-What fun, eh? I sure wish we could adopt all the folks that ask, perhaps we do in spirit, through the blog. ;) I can't believe the Little Mermaid was not there when you odd to send the original on a journey.

Nomadic Chick

I saw the video after Cailin's aired, and suddenly realized it was you! Congrats. Well deserved. :)


Nomadic Chick- Thanks! It was a fun surprise! ;)


Congrats! That is awesome...

Shannon OD

Congrats on going viral - the video truly is a testament that your family is and continues to bust out of the norms and raise your daughter all over the world. Enjoy all of the attention and good luck finishing up the book! :-)

rich@farm and cottage holidays

fantastic, I love the bbc's sites, always top quality so to get on there is a real coup.Well done

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