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June 30, 2010


Family travel, even in historic places, is often about nature and simple pleasures, at least for us on our world tour it is, as we think these things are so important. We have been to Verona,  Italy four times since 2006 on our non-stop world tour and we love the little farm that we stay at and the people who run it. This farm stay campsite is prettier in person than the website would indicate. Verona is a beautiful city made famous by Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and the opera there at the Arena di Verona, an ancient Roman coliseumis spectacular and a must-see for every family.

Staying on this farm allows us to enjoy the cultural advantages of Verona and also bask in the simple joys of Italian farm life, surrounded by grapes, peach, pear and apple orchards and lots of fresh fruits and vegetables. They used kiwi's and grapes to give privacy to the small motorhome and tent camping area of their farm and Mozart just looooves to pick them and eat them. They have several varieties and they are all delicious.

They also make wonderful snacks,  jams and deserts out of this fresh bounty of produce in the Italian way which we also loved. What fun- free delicious food, time in nature,  natural learning, cultural advantages and connection with locals on a farm. Family travel at it's best!

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Hi Jeanne.
I haven't been to Verona yet, but it is on my never ending list of places to visit :-)

This week we are spending in the car along the beautiful western coast of Norway.


We'd love to stay at a small farm in Italy sometimes. Hopefully, in three years or so we'll get to go! It's so much more fun staying with the locals.


WOW! Mozart has really grown this summer! Hope you guys are having a blast we love the post! So hope one day we get to enjoy the fruits of our labors the way you guys are!

Kristy Smyth

I love seeing all of your posts where you can pick your own food- the avocados and lemons in Spain and now these grapes in Italy! We love to find food that is close to its source.

I was wondering about your experience with grocery shopping in various countries. Here in the US, I read labels, and have learned the symbols for things like "certified organic" food. How is your experience when you are in countries where you don't speak/read much of the language?

Are you able to find farmers markets wherever you go? Do you feel like you have to worry as much about the affects of mass produced or remotely produced food like we do here in the US (like pesticide use)?


Britt - Oh yes, you definitely want to have Verona on your list and DO see the opera there as it is like no go in summer. ;) Enjoy your road trip and thanks for reminding me about beautiful western Norway! We have such happy memories from there.


Christina - Yes, Italy is a particularly wonderful place to do farm stays I think and connecting with locals like this really makes it special. We are very fond of this family and this place now. We even know the grandfathers and cousins! ;)


Sheila - Thanks! Yes she is growing fast..nothing like a kid to let you know time is flying by. She is still a skinny little pixie though, so not as big as she looks in the pictures. Those are old shorts that are in baby size & at 9 she still is wearing size 5 or 6!

You WILL enjoy the fruits of your labors, just keep your eyes on the prize! ;)


Kristy - So glad to hear that you are enjoying these posts! I'm never sure what aspects people will enjoy, so it is good to hear.

It certainly is different than grocery shopping at home. I've done quite a few posts about shopping in Europe & perhaps I should add that category to our FAQ part.

Here are a few:

We do try to find local markets and organic food here and I think there are some of the same concerns here as at home. I've had to be more flexible as things are not the same as Santa Cruz or LA where you can get anything.

They do have health food stores where you can get most things and they call organic food biologicals and you can find some in the regular super markets.

One gets used to finding what you want in foreign lands & also sometimes you have to compromise or find a new way.

In our tiny village in southern Spain there are organic farmers who deliver to your door, so things are often easy like that.

In some ways it is better here in Europe and in some ways it is worse, so one adapts and finds a new way. Also as a traveler who doesn't speak the language, the challenge is greater, so we often talk to locals or pick the brain of the person working in the health food store.

We also get some things sent from home ( like Braggs) but we do less and less of that the longer we stay. ie we use to self import maple syrup for kidlet's pancakes, but haven't for a long time & don't miss it.

We miss sushi, so we have found a way to make our own with seaweed wraps from healthfood store, brown rice and avocados. etc. etc.

The journey changes you, so that affects ones eating too!


Well written article, it's so passionate and explains how Italy really is.
Good work!

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