Family Travel Scotland

June 28, 2010

Family travel in Edinburgh, Scotland, funny signs, Edinburgh festival in kilt and tam at souvenir shop

Sometimes family travel is about checking out funny signs and souvenir shops.We mostly just look , but Mozart loves it. This is a little shop in Edinburgh that we visited when we went to the famous  Edinburgh Festival. I'm part Scottish, so we could not resist buying the kilt, shirt, tam and Scottish wool knit sweater ( at a different shop or two).I haven't written much about the great time we had there yet, but we did do a Youtube video about Scotland. It's impossible to stay current with all of our travel,  as it's just too time consuming to blog while traveling non-stop as a family but I'll get it all up eventually. I'm often amazed that I have been doing this for going on five years now.

Edinburgh is a gorgeous city and it is an amazing festival, but nonetheless, I couldn't resist sharing this little, some what tacky shop,  as tourist stores are often just part of the fun.We mostly shop with our eyes and Mozart collects little pins because they are fun to scout out and don't  take up much room. For those interested, we stayed at the Edinburgh Caravan Club Campsite which was quite lovely , convenient and we even had a view of a castle!

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This is a little shop in Edinburgh that we visited when we went to the famous Edinburgh Festival.

...which is 13th August to 5th September this year.

It's never in June.


Jesurgislac - It's a cute little shop, isn't it? I certainly did not mean to imply that the Edinburgh festival was in June. LOL. We have been traveling non-stop since 2006 & blogging while traveling, especially while homeschooling a kid is not easy feat, so I gave up keeping my stories always live at the moment. Too hard as we have too many stories and it takes too much time to deal with photos, videos, Links not to mention social media. I figure any one can figure out the date for these things if they want to go, but thanks for including this years dates. It's a lovely festival, but Edinburgh is also great any time I think, though it gets a bit cold in the winter. ( It was even cold in August! ). ;)

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